Out with the Old...In with the New❤

Hello Dolls,


I hope you all have a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve. This is the time to reflect on the past year and make new changes for the best. Stay happy and healthy. I wish everyone a great day.


Stay Gorgeous


Hi Dolls,

I have officially joined tumblr, make sure you follow me there please. This will still be my primary blog and what I post there will probably be tidbits of what is going to be posted here or maybe just pictures. I have yet to decide how I will integrate the two.

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Thank you for all your support!


Nail Design ❤

Hi Dolls,

I was working in this nail design a few weeks ago. I have seen many looks with lines, stripe designs but I couldn't get the look to work. So finally I found nail art tape and there you have it, it did the trick for me.

Here is what you'll need
-thin strips of tape
-2 different color polishes (your choice)
I used Black Leather from China Glaze and Blue Rhapsody from Essie.


Start with your base color, once it dries completely use your scissors to cut thin strips of tape, place the tape in different directions creating a design you like, make sure the tape extends over your nail so you are able to peel it off, then put the second polish over the entire nail including the tape. Once it completely dries, peel back the tape and viola you have a nice design!

I got the nail art tape from just type in nail art tape, I bought it for around $2, free shipping and it comes in a pack of ten, so not bad at all!

Hope my tutorial helps and have fun with it!

Here are a few pictures, including what I used...

Besos 💋

Merry Christmas❤ 🎄

Merry Christmas to all my subbies! Hope it's a great one, filled with love & happiness 🎄🎅 wishing you all a great day & awesome 2013

For this new year I wish to be better! A better person, mommy, daughter, girlfriend and a better blog. Unfortunately life got in the way; single mommy of two girls, FT Work and school, a busted laptop...not exactly a good recipe for a blogger but I hope to start the new year with a bang, hopefully I get my new MAC PRO in Feb or Mar (fingers crossed peeps). So I sincerely apologize for the lack of post and hope you understand.

Hope this new year brings each of you all your hearts desires! I love each of you and appreciate your support.


Bad Blogger♥

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I've been a very blogger! I have been very busy with adult and mommy stuff.

I hope to put up a few blog posts up this weekend. If you have any request please post it in the comment section below!

Thanks loves.... Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for following my blog and hope you share it with your friends and family.



What's on my iPhone 4 ♥

Hello Dolls!

I wanted to do a "What's on my iPhone" video, well actually I did but upon reviewing it, the quality was horrible and the brightness did not allow to see the applications (apps). So instead I will do it as a blog post. I have the iPhone 4, in black. I love my phone, hehe. I have to such fun on it. The order of my apps changes all the time. I am always rearranging and organizing, deleting and down loading apps.

Lets begin:
So this is my home screen, my lock screen picture is the sexy Mila Kunis. It changes all the time between pictures of my girls, to a picture of me and David. But for now it's Mila!!

I changed my pass code from numbers to letters. You can do this by going to your settings-general->Lock Code-> Click on Simple Code and enter your code of choice.
My first page changes all the time, hehe. I try to keep the apps I use the most on my first page. I was thinking of listing the apps but I think you can see clearly which they are. But if you have a question about an app, leave it in the comments below. FYI, Echofon is the app I use for twitter.
I put apps inside a folder to keep it neater, otherwise I would have pages and pages of apps.
In my first folder titled, Utilities: are the basic apps that already come with the iPhone.  

This is my second page. My favorite apps on this page is AppZilla it is not a free app but my kids and I really enjoy it. I love T-Zero, it's a count down app.

PHOTOGRAPHY: I use to have a ton of photography apps but I deleted them they are a lot

HEALTH: Lose it and Fast Food help keep your calorie intake in check. Nike Training Club gives you exercises to do.

LIFESTYLE:  These are apps I use for shopping. I don't have too many shopping apps.

GAMES: These are my favorite games to play, my girls love the games to. My six year old is better at Temple Run than I am, hehe. 

ENTERTAINMENT: This folder is my favorite. I LOVE Netflix. I watch mvies and shows on my lunch break at work. I have Disney Junior and Disney Channel for my girls. Flixster is like Fandago, it gives you a list of movies and times but what I like is that it gives you the "Rotten Tomatoes" review and restaurants near by plus its FREE!

Reference: In this Folder my favorite app is SHAZAM, it hepls identify what song is playing and who is the artist. If you live in Chicago like me your mus have apps should be "Ride the L" and "Transit Trackr" they tell you when your train or bus is approaching and when the next when will be arriving.

 Blogs: In this folder I have blogs that I like to check into when i'm bored and have time.
  • My blog (MissGeeklyChic)
  • Beautifymeeh
  • BlogLoveTherapy
  • Blogs by Latinas
  • DulceCandy
  • NurseNacole
  • ThatsHeart
  • GuruGossip

I tag EVERYONE to do this blog post. Tell me whats on your smart phone, whether it be an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry whatever you have, share with me your favorite apps.

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease!

Revlon lipsticks ♥

Hello dolls!

I went to Walgreens yesterday to a notebook and of course I had to swing by the makeup section, jejeje! I picked up two Revlon lipsticks from the Pearl collection. I have always wanted to try purple lipsticks but haven't been bold enough. I finally found a shade or two, that fit my dark complexion. Walgreens had the Revlon products buy one get one 50% off so that was a sign to purchase, lol. Each lip stick I want to say was around $8? Reg. price ea.
I picked up two lippies:

625- Iced Amethyst

465- Plumalicious

I truly love these two. The ice amethyst has a little shimmer to it, while the plumalicious is sort of a nude purple feel to it. Perfect for everyday wear.

But the Iced Amethyst is my favorite.

Hope you can try them out and let me know what you think.

Enjoy your weekend loves!


And the winner is.....♥

Drum roll please...The winner of my 1st giveaway is: YouTube handle


Congrats babe. You have 24 hrs to claim your prize. Please inbox me on YouTube for your shipping info!

Thank you to all you entered. There will be plenty more giveaways to come!


My LASIK experience♥

Hello Dolls,

Hope your all having a great night.

As you all know, on 6/30 I had my LASIK procedure. It went so well. I will give you a run down of what I went through that day.


I arrived at LASIK plus at 8 am, my boyfriend David took me and took good care of me.

Once there I had to make my payment first, then waiting for the doctor. I was taken to a room where I was given numbing drops and was explained what the procedure was going to be. I was given a hair net and tags placed on my shoulders, identifying each eye. I was brought over to the procedure room.

In the procedure room I met with Dr. Aymond and was instructed by the nurse to lay down and she gave me the cutest doggy doll to hold on to if I got nervous or scared and boy let me tell you I'm glad it was a stuffed dog, lol. The nurse placed about twenty more numbing drops in each eye. The doctor placed me directly under the laser. He placed tape on my right eye, then a round clear circle thing in my left eye to keep my eye from blinking, I felt a lot of pressure but no pain, at this point my vision went completely blurry, like the snowy affect when your television is out, the doctor told me to look straight ahead, which was difficult because I couldn't tell if I was looking straight or not, I had up go under three lasers. The first created the flap, the second made the corrections and the third closed the flap and the doctor smoothed out my eye. Afterwards the doctor looked at my eyes to see that my eyes were ok. Then he gave me some pretty cool looking sunglasses to wear on my way out. I went to the recovery room and he explained my after care. I was told I would be in pain afterward but the most I felt was stinging and extreme itching. I was giving special googles to shower with to keep my eyes from getting wet.
I had to wear the sunglasses to sleep at night the first week. Once I got home I had to take my Rx ambien, you need to sleep ASAP to relax your eyes. For the first two weeks my eyes were pretty blood shot red, it was the blood vessels that popped during the procedure, which is normal. I also had two take to Rx drops, for the first five days, an antibiotic and steroid. They are both milky white leave a residue, yuck! Worst of all NO EYE MAKEUP for a full week. You all know that heart my heart, right! :-)
After the procedure you need to do a one day post op, three week follow up, then a three month.

I just had my three week check up and my vision has improved very much, not exactly where I or the doctor want it to be but being that I work at a hospital my eyes get extremely dry, so I have to take Rx rastasis. At my three month check up the doctor says my vision should be even better!

I am so excited and happy with my results and I know I'm improving day by day. So happy I had the LASIK!

Thank you to Dr. Aymond and all the staff at LASIK plus!!!!

Any questions please comment below.


These are the spots I got in my eye, this was the first few days, I had a red ring around my eye.

YOu can see on the rim of my eye how swollen my eyes got

This is the room where you need the "eye" doctor

What the procedure room look like

Checking in♥

Hello dolls,

First off, sorry I have been a very bad blogger, (slap on the hand, bad girl, bad girl!) As you all know I have been recovering from my eye surgery and have been unable to blog or vlog on youtube in a few weeks. I promise to make it up to you with a very nice bhcosmetics giveaway soon!

On that happy note please enter my Cellaris iPhone 4/4s giveaway. It will end this Friday! Winner will be announced Friday on my facebook page, twitter and here on my blog so make you are following all three so you don't miss out if you're the lucky one!

The winner will have 24 hours to claim there prize or I will choice another winner.

Thank you everyone!


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Lasik Consultation♥

Hello hunnies!!

I have some rather exciting news. So if you follow me on twitter (if you don't, tsk tsk, hehe, please do @MissGeeklyChic) then you know that today I had my consultation at LASIK Plus at the Chicago location to have LASIK eye surgery. I was nervous to see what I would be told, as well as to know if I would even be a candidate for the surgery.

If you don't know what Lasik is, it is a procedure where they use lasers to correct your vision. The procedure is done by
I'm glad to say that I am a candidate for the surgery.  YAY!!!!

I have always wanted to have the surgery because I was tired of glasses and contacts. Each eye is different Rx's so it gets expensive for me.

At my consultation, the staff were so friendly, the medical assistant Melissa, (heeey girl) was so sweet and took me to the back room to do a few exams, you know the typical can you read the top line, do you see better with "one" or "two" etc... but THANKFULLY they don't do the "air" test, where they shoot a shot of air in your eye, I really hate that one, to check for glaucoma INSTEAD they poke your eye with a plastic tooth pick looking thing, but before the poke, they place drops to numb your eyes and I did not feel a thing when she poked me. They also added two additional tests such as a cornea mapping, cornea thickness measure, and a night vision test, which are tests they need to tell how difficult it would be to perform Lasik on you or whether it was a good fit for you. The end of this exam consisted of taking the pupil dilating drops and waiting to see the doctor, which included watching an informative FAQ-type video about Lasik. It actually did answer just about any & all questions I had about the procedure. After the video I seen the doctor  who checked my eyes one more time and went into a little more detail regarding the procedure and what my recovery time would be.  I did take my mother with me which I am glad I did, because after they dilated my eyes, my vision was blurry and  really sensitive to the sun light and I couldn't open them in the light, hence I couldn't drive. I don't know if those results are typical but my eyes were very sensitive to the light.

They do finance (if you qualify) otherwise you have to pay in full the day of your surgery.

I love that they were not pushy or trying to sell me, or force me to schedule a procedure date. I really hate when I go somewhere and they are pushing you to buy.

I am scheduled for surgery 6/30/12 and I am super excited!

I will keep you all posted on my surgery & recovery. As well as try to tweet you as I go through that day, lol, more than likely will be the following day, hehe.

If you have had the procedure please tell me about your experience.

Thanks loves,


Blog Hop♥

Hi Dolls,

So I have started following BlogLoveTherapy and joined their blog hop! I am super excited because it is the first time I have joined a blog hop. If you have never heard of a blog hop, it is a great place where bloggers like us can meet and gain new followers blog hop is a great and fun way to be discovered. There are all types of blogs, not just fashion & beauty. I have found amazing blogs about food, health and books.

This hop will last an entire week:
Weekly Blog Hop - Monday, June 11, 2012 - Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hurry and join!


Sally Hansen: Magnetic nail polish ♥

Hello dolls! I wanted to do a quick review on the new Sally Hanson Magnetic Nail color. I purchased mine in purple, which is my favorite color aside from pink, jeje. I purchased it at Walgreen's, they are $9.99 each. They come in purple, blue, silver, red, green and brown.

I found it was a little difficult to use this nail polish at first but practice makes perfect. This paint dries almost instantly and looks amazing. How to use it:
  • Shake well, and in between each coat
  • Give your nail one coat, let it dry
  • Apply a second coat and instanly put the magnet over the nail 
  • Hold it for 10 seconds
  • and viola!

You place the magnet over your finished painted nail. Now this was tricky for me. I found you need to paint your nail and immediately place the magnet over your nail and hold for a few seconds.

This is the finished look!

Big THANK YOU to my big sister Leticia for being my hand model!


Hope you all give it a try and please let me know what you think of it.

What is your current favorite nail polish? Please let me know in the comment section.
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Sally Hansen: Magnetic Polish; en español ♥

Hola muñecas! Yo quería hacer una revisión rápida en el nuevo color de las uñas de Sally Hansen magnética. Yo compré la mía en color morado, que es mi color favorito, aparte de rosa, jeje. Lo compré en la farmacia Walgreens, que son $ 9.99 cada uno. Vienen en color morado, azul, plata, rojo, verde y marrón

Me pareció que era un poco difícil de usar este esmalte de uñas al principio, pero la práctica hace al maestro. Esta pintura se seca casi instantáneamente y se ve increíble. Cómo usarlo:

  •  Agitar bien, y entre cada capa
  • Dale a tu uña una capa, deje que se seque
  • Aplicar una segunda capa e inmediatamente colocar el imán sobre el clavo
  • Sostenga durante 10 segundos
  • y la viola!

Este es el aspecto final

Gracias a mi hermana mayor Leticia por ser mi modelo de manos hoy!

-MissGeekly Chic

Espero que todo lo que darle una oportunidad y por favor hágamelo saber lo que piensa de ella.

My favorite hair products ♥

Hello Everyone! today I wanted to share with you my favorite hair products.

I absolutely LOVE each product that I am coming to mention. Hope you enjoy

My favorite shampoo/conditioner is the bio Infusion. It has completely redined my hair and leaves it silky and shiny like no other shampoo ever has. I purchased it at Walgreens when I was actually going in to purchase a pantene pro-v shampoo and the clerk talked me out of it and convinced me to get the bioInfusion instead adn boy oh boy am I so glad I did.
It can be a little pricey but well worth it!

Next is the macaamia deep repair masque! Can you say AMAZING!!!!! It seriously has done wonders for my hair, it is no longer frizzy, dry or brittle. I use it around three to four times a week. I started using about a month ago and i'm already on my second jar. depending on the length of your hair, mine is super long so I went through it fast.

Ok, so like I said in my video, I don't usually care for Garnier Fructis products but this one won me over! I absolutely love it and would be heart broken if it were to be discontinued. This product along with my masque have done wonders for my hair. It leaves it silky, sleek and shiny!! If you have not used it or like me dodn't really care for this brand, you might want to check this out.


Please check out the video

En espanol:

Tell me what is your current hair product obsession? Would love to try something new, jeje!


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NARS: Blush Palette ♥

I absolutely LOVE this palette of blushes:
I recieved it as a gift no to long ago and I am so happy with it!! I was already a huge fan of the NARS orgasm blush, so I was super syked that this palette included that color.

The Good
The people at NARS knew what they were doing with releasing this palette. It is such great steal. A regular 0.16 oz blush by NARS retails for $27.00 and to get 6, 0.12 oz blush colors for $65.00 ought to be illegal.
The colors in this palette are very sheer which can be both a positive and negative thing. The good thing is that this allows you to layer them to your preferred intensity. One must remember that blush colors should never be very heavy unless you are doing a nighttime look or a performance makeup look. For everyday makeup, you want just a hint of cheek color. Subtlety is best which makes this palette so amazing.
I would not consider this just a blush palette as it includes highlight colors also. I classify Hungry Heart, Casino, and Sin to be highlight colors that are great for adding shimmer to all skin tones.
These blush colors are very finely milled as is standard with all NARS cheek colors. They are easy to apply and have very little fallout.
The Bad
Again these colors are very sheer which some people may dislike.
This palette is not very travel friendly. I just cannot see myself throwing this into my purse because it’s a little heavy, and will not fit into my makeup bag.
While the size of the mirror on this palette is very large , it is heavy and causes the palette to flip backwards when the top is over-extended. If you are not careful, this palette can flip right off of your vanity.
The Verdict: 5 ★'s

I checked the NARS and Sephora websites so I can link the info but unfortuanetly I believe it is now sold out, as I can not find it anywhere. SORRY babes!!

NARS Danmari All About Cheeks Blush Palette.

Me encanta esta gama de colores de rubor: Yo lo recibí como un regalo que no a mucho tiempo atrás y estoy muy contento con él! Yo ya era un gran fan de la NARS rubor el orgasmo, por lo que se syked super que esta paleta incluye ese color.
El buen
La gente de los NARS sabía lo que estaban haciendo con la liberación de esta paleta. Se trata de robo tan grande. Un regular de 0,16 onzas por NARS rubor se vende por 27,00 dólares y para obtener 6, 0.12 oz colores rubor de 65,00 dólares debería ser ilegal. Los colores en esta paleta son muy pura que puede ser tanto una cosa positiva y negativa. Lo bueno es que esto le permite a la capa a la intensidad de su preferencia. Hay que recordar que los colores de rubor nunca debe ser muy pesado, a menos que usted está haciendo una mirada nocturna o una mirada rendimiento de maquillaje. Para el maquillaje todos los días, usted quiere un toque de rubor. La sutileza es lo mejor que hace que esta gama de colores increíble. Yo no lo consideraría sólo una paleta de colorete, ya que incluye los colores claros también. Yo clasifico Hungry Heart, Casino, y el pecado que los colores claros que son ideales para añadir brillo a todos los tonos de piel. Estos colores se ruboriza muy finamente molido como es habitual con todos los colores mejilla SNIA. Son fáciles de aplicar y tener consecuencias muy poco.
Lo Malo
Una vez más estos colores son muy pura que algunas personas les puede disgustar. Esta paleta no es muy fácil viajar. No puedo verme a mí mismo tirar esto en mi bolso, porque es un poco pesado, y no cabe en mi bolsa de maquillaje. Mientras que el tamaño del espejo en esta paleta es muy grande, es pesado y hace que la paleta para voltear hacia atrás cuando la capota está sobre-extendida. Si usted no es cuidadoso, esta paleta se puede mover de un tirón justo al lado de tu vanidad. .

El veredicto:5 ★'s

Revisé los sitios web de los NARS y Sephora, así que se puede vincular la información, pero unfortuanetly creo que ahora se vende a cabo, ya que no puedo encontrar en cualquier lugar. ¡Lo sentimos! Chicas!

  • Hungry Heart- Gold ivory
  • Super Orgasm- Peachy pink with gold glitter
  • Desire- Cotton candy pink
  • Casino- Dark brown with gold shimmer
  • Orgasm- Peachy pink with gold shimmer
  • Sin- Berry with gold shimmer

  • -MissGeeklyChic


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