Let's get reading: The Percy Jackson Series!! ♥

Ok, so I am a big fan of Greek mythology and was actually considering to major in Greek mytholgy of Egyptology, but medicine was my calling. Anywhooozer, I also am a fan of a YouTube guru, All that glitters, Elle Fowler, she does great reviews on books ( I buy just about every book she recommends :0 ) and she recommended the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, and as I said, I'm a fan of Greek mythology, well of course I had to pick'em up!

This is a five part series, it begins with a teenager discovers he's the descendant of the Greek God Poseiden, (God of the Sea) and he is in fact a demigod! He sets out on an adventure to settle an on-going battle between the gods. Set in the modern times of New York CIty with Mount Olympuis in the Empire State building, the 600th floor, lol.

It is an easy read. I believe more for pre-teens, but I loved it and could not put it down! I finished all five books in April, two books i finished on my trip to New Orleans. Took the train, there and back. Had to do something on the train. If you don't know anything about great mythology, thats ok, the great thing is that when the Character is speaking of a God or Monster, they give a brief history lesson on it so you can follow the book and not get confused.

After reading the first book, I seen the movie...UGH! It did not do the book any justice at all! The book is so much better. Although my kids loved the movie.

Here is a trailer of the movie!

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