Tostadas for dinner ♥

When I don't have time to make an awesome dinner, being a full time working mommy of two girls and in school, I make "Tostadas de frijoles y chorizo", translation, "Tostadas of bean and Mexican sausage", being Mexican, it's a must to know how to make, lol ;0  My mother teases me becuase I make this often during the week. LOL.

If you don't know, A Tostada is an open face Tortilla that has been deep fried or baked.

Its very simple and requires few ingredients:

Chorizo, brand "El Supremo"

Pinto can use your favorite beans

My favorite tostadas, by far the best kind. They stay crunchy.

My favorite toppings, sour cream and Queso Rancherito (the cheese crumbels easily)


Let's get cooking:

Fry up your Chorizo in a pan, do NOT add oil, as the chorizo has its own and lets it out as it cooks. Cook until it turns a dark brown color, be careful as it can burn easily. Once it is cooked, drain some of the juice from the can of beans, do not remove all of its as it may dry out your beans, add your beans, mix until the beans are soft. Pinch between your fingers to determine the softness. Once beans are soft, use a smasher and smash the beans, if it starts to get dry add a little bit of water, once all smashed use a spoon and mix the beans one last time.

Then you can spread your beans on a tostada, and add your, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and favorite salsa.

Now enjoy with your favorite drink!!!

From my Kitchen to your tummy,

¡Buen Provecho!

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  1. Now im hungry! Have to fit thoese into my weight watcher pnts :)
    cute blog!


  2. Thank you! you def need to try them!
    Your allowed one day to cheat, jejeje.

  3. ohh gggrrr at this time in the morning and seeing this..yea no bueno...any other suggestions if i dont eat chorizo since its greasy i would love to hear alternative options :)