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A little about me: I am a 100% American and my Hertiage is MEXICAN, I'm a Single mom of two little girls, an eight year old and five year old, they are my world. I am with the MOST amazing guy ON THIS PLANET, love you boo. I come from a big family, two boys, five girls. I have always loved makeup and stuff but never learned how to properly use it, I would watch my mother and sisters but they didn't really "teach" me how to do it. Plus, I'm not the type of person to wake up and put on my face EVERY single morning, I work in a hospital as a Medical Assistant so I usually keep it simple, but I love this stuff.

Thanks so much for stopping bye and checking out my blog. I want to use this blog to talk about products I LOVE and those that well, not so much. So check it and let me know what you think!

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