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Hello hunnies!!

I have some rather exciting news. So if you follow me on twitter (if you don't, tsk tsk, hehe, please do @MissGeeklyChic) then you know that today I had my consultation at LASIK Plus at the Chicago location to have LASIK eye surgery. I was nervous to see what I would be told, as well as to know if I would even be a candidate for the surgery.

If you don't know what Lasik is, it is a procedure where they use lasers to correct your vision. The procedure is done by
I'm glad to say that I am a candidate for the surgery.  YAY!!!!

I have always wanted to have the surgery because I was tired of glasses and contacts. Each eye is different Rx's so it gets expensive for me.

At my consultation, the staff were so friendly, the medical assistant Melissa, (heeey girl) was so sweet and took me to the back room to do a few exams, you know the typical can you read the top line, do you see better with "one" or "two" etc... but THANKFULLY they don't do the "air" test, where they shoot a shot of air in your eye, I really hate that one, to check for glaucoma INSTEAD they poke your eye with a plastic tooth pick looking thing, but before the poke, they place drops to numb your eyes and I did not feel a thing when she poked me. They also added two additional tests such as a cornea mapping, cornea thickness measure, and a night vision test, which are tests they need to tell how difficult it would be to perform Lasik on you or whether it was a good fit for you. The end of this exam consisted of taking the pupil dilating drops and waiting to see the doctor, which included watching an informative FAQ-type video about Lasik. It actually did answer just about any & all questions I had about the procedure. After the video I seen the doctor  who checked my eyes one more time and went into a little more detail regarding the procedure and what my recovery time would be.  I did take my mother with me which I am glad I did, because after they dilated my eyes, my vision was blurry and  really sensitive to the sun light and I couldn't open them in the light, hence I couldn't drive. I don't know if those results are typical but my eyes were very sensitive to the light.

They do finance (if you qualify) otherwise you have to pay in full the day of your surgery.

I love that they were not pushy or trying to sell me, or force me to schedule a procedure date. I really hate when I go somewhere and they are pushing you to buy.

I am scheduled for surgery 6/30/12 and I am super excited!

I will keep you all posted on my surgery & recovery. As well as try to tweet you as I go through that day, lol, more than likely will be the following day, hehe.

If you have had the procedure please tell me about your experience.

Thanks loves,


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  1. Congrats on looking into Lasik! I did it three years ago next month and love the results! No glasses or contacts is amazing!
    And I'm following you now via GFC as well :)