My LASIK experience♥

Hello Dolls,

Hope your all having a great night.

As you all know, on 6/30 I had my LASIK procedure. It went so well. I will give you a run down of what I went through that day.


I arrived at LASIK plus at 8 am, my boyfriend David took me and took good care of me.

Once there I had to make my payment first, then waiting for the doctor. I was taken to a room where I was given numbing drops and was explained what the procedure was going to be. I was given a hair net and tags placed on my shoulders, identifying each eye. I was brought over to the procedure room.

In the procedure room I met with Dr. Aymond and was instructed by the nurse to lay down and she gave me the cutest doggy doll to hold on to if I got nervous or scared and boy let me tell you I'm glad it was a stuffed dog, lol. The nurse placed about twenty more numbing drops in each eye. The doctor placed me directly under the laser. He placed tape on my right eye, then a round clear circle thing in my left eye to keep my eye from blinking, I felt a lot of pressure but no pain, at this point my vision went completely blurry, like the snowy affect when your television is out, the doctor told me to look straight ahead, which was difficult because I couldn't tell if I was looking straight or not, I had up go under three lasers. The first created the flap, the second made the corrections and the third closed the flap and the doctor smoothed out my eye. Afterwards the doctor looked at my eyes to see that my eyes were ok. Then he gave me some pretty cool looking sunglasses to wear on my way out. I went to the recovery room and he explained my after care. I was told I would be in pain afterward but the most I felt was stinging and extreme itching. I was giving special googles to shower with to keep my eyes from getting wet.
I had to wear the sunglasses to sleep at night the first week. Once I got home I had to take my Rx ambien, you need to sleep ASAP to relax your eyes. For the first two weeks my eyes were pretty blood shot red, it was the blood vessels that popped during the procedure, which is normal. I also had two take to Rx drops, for the first five days, an antibiotic and steroid. They are both milky white leave a residue, yuck! Worst of all NO EYE MAKEUP for a full week. You all know that heart my heart, right! :-)
After the procedure you need to do a one day post op, three week follow up, then a three month.

I just had my three week check up and my vision has improved very much, not exactly where I or the doctor want it to be but being that I work at a hospital my eyes get extremely dry, so I have to take Rx rastasis. At my three month check up the doctor says my vision should be even better!

I am so excited and happy with my results and I know I'm improving day by day. So happy I had the LASIK!

Thank you to Dr. Aymond and all the staff at LASIK plus!!!!

Any questions please comment below.


These are the spots I got in my eye, this was the first few days, I had a red ring around my eye.

YOu can see on the rim of my eye how swollen my eyes got

This is the room where you need the "eye" doctor

What the procedure room look like


  1. This was really interesting to read!! I am so glad that the surgery went well!!! :D

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I'm glad you found it interesting.

      Sorry it took a while for me to reply, i've been a bad blogger, hehe!

  2. I agree, it was interesting to read. I am happy for your new eyesight :) It was worth living without make-up for a week, right? :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! and congratulations on getting your surgery!!

    I was looking for how the different vision surgery options compare (LASIK, PRK, and Visian ICLs Implantable Corrective Lenses). For other folks looking into this was a good resource for me.

    Its a good read. Talks about cost, what the procedure will be like etc...leaning towards ICLs now...

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