Revlon lipsticks ♥

Hello dolls!

I went to Walgreens yesterday to a notebook and of course I had to swing by the makeup section, jejeje! I picked up two Revlon lipsticks from the Pearl collection. I have always wanted to try purple lipsticks but haven't been bold enough. I finally found a shade or two, that fit my dark complexion. Walgreens had the Revlon products buy one get one 50% off so that was a sign to purchase, lol. Each lip stick I want to say was around $8? Reg. price ea.
I picked up two lippies:

625- Iced Amethyst

465- Plumalicious

I truly love these two. The ice amethyst has a little shimmer to it, while the plumalicious is sort of a nude purple feel to it. Perfect for everyday wear.

But the Iced Amethyst is my favorite.

Hope you can try them out and let me know what you think.

Enjoy your weekend loves!



  1. These look so pretty, I've never tried the Revlon Lipsticks before so I will have to try on your recommendation!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, please visit my blog for more details! Laura Xx

    1. You should definitely try them out!

      Really OMG!!! That is so sweet of you! I really appreciate it.

      Thank you <3

  2. Beautiful colours, love Revlon. Happy I found your blog on blogLoveTherapy blog hop:)

    Sara xx

  3. Pretty Colours..Like you I prefer the ice amethyst to!

    Sita xx