What's on my iPhone 4 ♥

Hello Dolls!

I wanted to do a "What's on my iPhone" video, well actually I did but upon reviewing it, the quality was horrible and the brightness did not allow to see the applications (apps). So instead I will do it as a blog post. I have the iPhone 4, in black. I love my phone, hehe. I have to such fun on it. The order of my apps changes all the time. I am always rearranging and organizing, deleting and down loading apps.

Lets begin:
So this is my home screen, my lock screen picture is the sexy Mila Kunis. It changes all the time between pictures of my girls, to a picture of me and David. But for now it's Mila!!

I changed my pass code from numbers to letters. You can do this by going to your settings-general->Lock Code-> Click on Simple Code and enter your code of choice.
My first page changes all the time, hehe. I try to keep the apps I use the most on my first page. I was thinking of listing the apps but I think you can see clearly which they are. But if you have a question about an app, leave it in the comments below. FYI, Echofon is the app I use for twitter.
I put apps inside a folder to keep it neater, otherwise I would have pages and pages of apps.
In my first folder titled, Utilities: are the basic apps that already come with the iPhone.  

This is my second page. My favorite apps on this page is AppZilla it is not a free app but my kids and I really enjoy it. I love T-Zero, it's a count down app.

PHOTOGRAPHY: I use to have a ton of photography apps but I deleted them they are a lot

HEALTH: Lose it and Fast Food help keep your calorie intake in check. Nike Training Club gives you exercises to do.

LIFESTYLE:  These are apps I use for shopping. I don't have too many shopping apps.

GAMES: These are my favorite games to play, my girls love the games to. My six year old is better at Temple Run than I am, hehe. 

ENTERTAINMENT: This folder is my favorite. I LOVE Netflix. I watch mvies and shows on my lunch break at work. I have Disney Junior and Disney Channel for my girls. Flixster is like Fandago, it gives you a list of movies and times but what I like is that it gives you the "Rotten Tomatoes" review and restaurants near by plus its FREE!

Reference: In this Folder my favorite app is SHAZAM, it hepls identify what song is playing and who is the artist. If you live in Chicago like me your mus have apps should be "Ride the L" and "Transit Trackr" they tell you when your train or bus is approaching and when the next when will be arriving.

 Blogs: In this folder I have blogs that I like to check into when i'm bored and have time.
  • My blog (MissGeeklyChic)
  • Beautifymeeh
  • BlogLoveTherapy
  • Blogs by Latinas
  • DulceCandy
  • NurseNacole
  • ThatsHeart
  • GuruGossip

I tag EVERYONE to do this blog post. Tell me whats on your smart phone, whether it be an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry whatever you have, share with me your favorite apps.

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease!


  1. Hi Eloisa,

    I am choosing to follow your blog because I am in the blog hop by Big Love Therapy! I found some interesting blogs through there, including yours. I just started my blog, but feel free to check it out. One thing that I find is interesting is that your from Chicago. I actually grew up near Six Flags Great America. You could actually see the Screaming Eagle from my yard when I was little. And my grandparents always lived in Chicago! However, now I am a New York State girl. I moved here when I was twenty - two and now I am thirty - two. Also I tell you my favorite and only app I have on my phone. I have a pay as you go phone, but today I just bought UNO so on break I can play it on my phone. I probably get bored of it and buy more apps, but just wanted to share.


  2. Love this post! I have a blackberry but have some of the same apps on my iPad :)
    I use endomondo to track my exercise, InstaPhoto for quick photo editing, definitely Shazam for music and honestly the rest are on my ipad.
    Found you from the blog hop and am definitely following! xo