A hair change ❤

Hi Dolls!

I really want to change my hair color!
My hair is jet black and I want to dye it "PURPLE" one of my favorite colors. I have ways wanted my hair to be purple but in high school I was in JROTC all for years and it was forbidden to have drastic or what would be considered outrageous hair colors, and know I feel like I missed my oppurnity to do it. I kinda feel to old to have such a color *cough* *cough*, I'm turning 20/10-my teenage nieces could rock these looks!!!

I am in between two styles.

I really like the dark purple look but the ombré look is cool also, but maybe I'm pushing it with the ombré right guys, lol!

What do you all think?!

P.s. I found these two pictures on Pinterest.

-MissGeeklyChic 💋

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