Over bearing Mama Bear ❤

Hello ladies!

I find myself in a pickle. My daughter is nine years old and wants to dye her hair. I feel she is too young for that. I was having this discussion with a co-worker who said I was being to over bearing and not allowing my daughter to express her style and creativity, that I was being to mommy and not allowing my daughter to be herself. I completely disagree. Although there are certain things I don't allow.

My little girl is very fast forward and has an amazing eye for style and for what is hip and cool. I allow my daughter to express her through her clothes, with AGE APPROPRIATE attire that still let's her feel cool. She is not allowed to wear heels of any inch, any thing that shows mid-driff or booty shorts. We have our disagreements but I win 98% of the time because I'm Mom, the other two percent we compromise. So back to the main topic, I feel that she is too young to dye her hair and I told her that at age 16, she may have a few highlights. I don't want my daughter to ruin her hair. Her hair is dark brown but looks light brown in the sun. It was a about two inches past her shoulders but she wanted to cut it, I was reluctant but hey, hair grows back. So I said ok and we went to the salon, she got a super cute bob. Hair dying is were I draw the line. I just feel that if I allow certain privileges she will have nothing to look forward to when the time is right.

Now regarding the heels, (in case you're wondering) we are of Mexican decent and have a tradition for young girls. She will be having a Quinceañera, a young girls coming of age celebration and at that time she will be presented with her first pair of high heels. 

Am I being over bearing? 

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  1. I never care about what other people say. When my 10 year old daughter asked me the same thing, I thought about it for a while, and yes it's bad that her friends can dye their hair, but her hair will be healthy longer. I hope she will realize that I made this decision for her health.