Makeup Tip Monday❤️

Happy Monday all!

 Want to make your bold lipstick really pop, apply concealer all over your lips prior to applying your lipstick! As always make sure to apply your favorite Chapstick or lip balm. No one likes crusty lips. 

Enjoy your day!


What's on my iPhone 4s, tag (updated)

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So this is an updated post about my iPhone. The last time I did it, I had the iPhone 4 in black, I have since upgraded to the iPhone 4s, in white. I'm hoping to get the iPhone 5s in gold/champagne but my upgrade isn't until March 2014, maybe by then they will have all the kinks worked out. SO anywhoooo, like I said I have the 4s in white and upgraded my software to the ios7, eh its alright. It has serious issues with the camera. It constantly is kicking me out of the camera, ugh!! The update used to drain the crap out of my battery, even when I wasn't heavily using my phone. Below are two tricks I discovered that help conserve my battery. 
Other than that, I guess it's ok. 

Lets get started....

I have tons of cases for my iPhone, haha, is there a special meeting for people with cell phone case addiction,  with that said I currently have a rubber silicone purple, I purchased from big lots, two for $8, yup I'll take that, lol, oh don't mind my boo Robin Thicke on the table, he's watching me work.

My lock screen constantly changes, I found this picture on Pinterest.
the next picture is the first page of my phone once you unlock it, pretty standard, the apps that come with it.

First page: Messages, Calendar, Photos, Camera, settings, App store, Clock, in a folder titled "Apple", Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Bloglovin (all info will be posted below) Follow on Social media, I'm everywhere, lol!  

The second page is a little more fun. Here we have...

Facetime, Skype, Find iPhone, Find Friends, My Verizon, My Bank, My card, Paypal. Social: Vine, Pages, Facebook messenger, Tango, BlogGo (I prefer BlogGo to Blogger, it's not a free app, $1.99 well worth it, my favorite part is unlike Blogger, I can read the post of people I follow).

Lifestyle: Amazon, ebay, Beautylish. Photography: Pic Stitch, Diptic $.99, Pic Collage, InstaSize (this app shrinks a picture so it will fit on instagram) Reflections, PiPlayPost $1.99,  LINE camera, iWatermark, Picfx.

Productivity: Google+, Genius Scan (LOVE this app, if you need a document but can't copy it, scan it using this app and you can later email it or print it) Blackboard (for school), Google Translate, Yahoo weather, T-Zero (a count down app), Dropbox, Dictionary, AudioNote $4.99 (money well spent, I use this for school to record lectures, I love that you can take a picture while it still records). Medical: My days (a period tracker, nothing more annoying than when you are asked by your doctor when your last period was and you can't remember) Epocrates, Drughandbook, Drug Guide,, and iTraige ( I prefer this to WebMD, every time I use WebMD I'm always convinced that I'm dying)

Navigation: Google Maps, NearMe, Moovit (it lets me know when the next train, bus or metro will be arriving) Entertainment: HBO GO, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, recently added Pandora.

Games: Subway Surf, Word Search, Temple Run 2, Cut the Rope, Hungry Shark (my addiction, love this game) Blitz (Bejeweled) Fruitninja, Angry Birds $.99 (Star Wars II addition)

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Hope you all enjoyed this post!

So you upgraded your iPhones software to the much anticipated IOS7 and are noticing your battery life is depleting faster than usual and you might have also noticed that the icons on your phone now move, in a 3D like motion,  well here are a few tricks I learned to converse your battery and to stop that 3D motion. First, go to conserve your battery: Settings>General>Background App Refresh>Off
Secondly, to stop the 3D motion, go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion>On. This will reduce the 3D motion that makes your apps look like they are moving, while I like how that looks, It drains the crap out of my battery, also it is known to cause motion sickness to some people. 

Again thanks for reading. Please share with me what your favorite apps are, whether you have an iPhone, Android or Blackberry, regardless of the type of smart phone you have, if you have apps, I wanna know what apps you got! Enjoy your evening loves!


Ever look at a makeup brush and think " how the heck do I use this thing"  well wonder no more...

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