Let me Upgrade Up ❤️

Hey everybody, happy Sunday! Hope you're all having a fabulous day! I'm so excited, I've upgraded my iPhone 4s and finally got my hands on an iPhone 5s in the gold/champaign color!

I wanted to get the iPhone 5 but it was discontinued and my niece who works at Best Buy in the mobile department said it perfectly, if you're going to upgrade you might as well get the latest model, what's the point of being behind, so I went and got my iPhone 5s in gold! Although with Apple you are up to date with the latest iPhones for about six months to a year because they are constantly bringing out new phones. I'm still pretty excited about my new iPhone! 😜

I know there are plenty of people out there who don't like anything Apple but I love the simplicity of it. Not at all hating on Samsung, I think there phones are actually pretty awesome but not for me. I don't care for the brick size phones and how high tech they are, lol, like I said I like simplicity. I honestly just prefer Apple, haha. 

What smartphone are you loving?
What are your favorite apps?

Here's an updated "What's On My iPhone" tag.

ModCloth Uniquely You Campaign Challenge

I entered a challenge with ModCloth. They have the most awesome clothing.  Check out the items at

ModCloth Uniquely You Campaign Challenge

Tailored shirt

Vegan flat

Melie Bianco red purse

Leaf jewelry

The Junk in My Purse

I love to watch those "What's in my bag/purse" tags on YouTube, so I decided to do one myself, via my blog. My bag always starts off nice and organized and neat, yeah that lasts a couple hours and then BAM, my purse decided to puke and theres stuff everywhere.

Lately I've been rockin' my Michael Kors tote bag and I have an MK wallet & a cute silicone coin purse. In my bag I carry a makeup pouch, my agenda, my iPhone + charger, a book-right now I'm reading Catching Fire. I don't always carry my iPad with me but I have on occasion, depending what work  I have to do, I don't carry my MacBook,( can you tell I'm an Apple girl, lol) with me so If I have work to do I do it via my iPad.  I also usually carry my camera, snacks and a water bottle.

The Junk in My Purse
Item details listed below

The Junk in My Purse by missgeeklychic featuring lilly pulitzer home decor

I tag EVERYONE to share with me what's in your bag/purse, what are essential items in your bag/purse??


One Button purple bag
$8.22 -

Juicy couture ipad case
$38 -

Roxy apple iphone case

Laura mercier makeup brush

Nars cosmetic
$35 -

Green makeup

Rimmel voluminous mascara
$7.40 -

Nyx concealer

Evening makeup