The Junk in My Purse

I love to watch those "What's in my bag/purse" tags on YouTube, so I decided to do one myself, via my blog. My bag always starts off nice and organized and neat, yeah that lasts a couple hours and then BAM, my purse decided to puke and theres stuff everywhere.

Lately I've been rockin' my Michael Kors tote bag and I have an MK wallet & a cute silicone coin purse. In my bag I carry a makeup pouch, my agenda, my iPhone + charger, a book-right now I'm reading Catching Fire. I don't always carry my iPad with me but I have on occasion, depending what work  I have to do, I don't carry my MacBook,( can you tell I'm an Apple girl, lol) with me so If I have work to do I do it via my iPad.  I also usually carry my camera, snacks and a water bottle.

The Junk in My Purse
Item details listed below

The Junk in My Purse by missgeeklychic featuring lilly pulitzer home decor

I tag EVERYONE to share with me what's in your bag/purse, what are essential items in your bag/purse??


One Button purple bag
$8.22 -

Juicy couture ipad case
$38 -

Roxy apple iphone case

Laura mercier makeup brush

Nars cosmetic
$35 -

Green makeup

Rimmel voluminous mascara
$7.40 -

Nyx concealer

Evening makeup

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