MONISTAT as a makeup primer...You better believe it!

Hello dolls!!

I was talking to my sister about makeup primers when she told me about  Monistat chafing relief powder-gel, yup you read that right, MONISTAT. I was like...whaa!? Well, I've used MONISTAT, but for chafing, after I breast fed my daughter, YEARS ago. When it comes to makeup primer, I've been using Lacome La Base Pro. It has the same consistency and silky feeling as the MONISTAT at a fraction of the price. I purchased it at Walmart for $4.99, but I believe I purchased the mini one, I sister bought it for about $8 at CVS or Walgreens, not sure which. I am totally loving this as my primer. I have very bad dry skin and using this makes my face feel smooth and silky, very light weight. I used my Benefit foundation and it holds so well, I have not needed to do any touch ups when using this as a primer. 

Go out and try it out, your face & wallet will thank my later.   

All in all Big Sis, knows best! I'm happy I listened to my big sister Lety. Thanks Sis!


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