HELP!!!! Bloggers input needed, PLEASE!

Hello Dolls!

Hope you're having a lovely  Sunday so far.

I really need bloggers input and advise. I have two blogs & two YouTube channels. Each is dedicated to the two things I love to do the most, hence my slogan is "Medicine is my Husband | Makeup is my Soulmate".  My beauty blog/channel, is dedicated to all things girly, while is school blog/channel is for school & anything to do with nursing, ( that's my major), these however have not had much success due to most if not all my attention has been on my other blog/Chanel. As you may imagine it's a pain in the butt to manage multiple things. So I wanted to merge all of them together. My YouTube channel will host videos of beauty & school stuff as well as some medical stuff (I am currently working as a medical assistant at a hospital here in Chicago, in the urology department). Same goes for my blog, I would combine my beauty blog with my school together.

My dilemma is, will readers, as well as viewers be dismissive of my channel/blog by me doing this?

Will it be too confusing for my audience? Your input is greatly appreciate.


May 2014 Ipsy Bag - "Fresh Picks"

Hello Dolls,

It's a new month and that means I received a new Ipsy bag!

I am really loving Ipsy so far. I look forward to it every month. 

For my May 2014 Ipsy Glam bag - Fresh Picks, this month I received mostly skin care products. I wish I would have had more variety but I was still happy with it. 

  • AVENE | THERMAL SPRING WATER (1.76oz) - Full Size (300g) $18 A can of water may seem less than appealing to some however I am over the moon about receiving this product from Ipsy! I am truly devoted to my Caudalie Beauty Elixir, however it is quite expensive so I like to only use it in the morning and evening with my skincare routine. The Avene Thermal Spring Water is a great option to use during the day when I want to freshen my make up, cool down or even ease a sunburn. It's only water but you have to admit that it feels great on the skin!
  • JERSEY SHORE SUN | SANS TAN ANTI-AGING SUNSCREEN (0.5oz) - Full Size (2oz) $40  astounding, the Jersey Shore Sun company has created a sunscreen that is not only safe to our sensitive skin, but also takes the enviroment into account, as sunscreen can wash off into our oceans. I will definitely be using this sunscreen to protect my skin this summer as it is formulated without: Retinyl Palmintate (associated with risks of birth defects), Oxybenzone (associated with low birth rate and endometriosis in women), Parabens or Paba, Petrochemicals and Fragrance.
  • Pur~lisse pur~moist ($16.18):  When I first saw my Glam Bag I thought this was a lip balm and was SO excited about it.  Once it realized that it was a moisturizer I was less excited.  But still, I will throw it in my travel bag so it will come in handy.
  •  PACIFICA MINERAL EYESHADOW DUO IN CELESTIAL/OPAL (Sample size 0.07oz/2g, approx. value $4.00): These appear to be two shades from the Pacifica "Mystical Supernatural" palette (linked above). I have mixed feelings about this shadow duo - on one hand I really want to try Pacifica's shadows, but on the other, these colors aren't that exciting to me. So I haven't opened it yet - maybe I'll change my mind. We'll see.
  •  Hey Honey Take It Off! Peel Off Mask (Sample size 10ml, approx. value $7.00):
    This mask supposedly contains AHAs for exfoliating magic. Interesting. When I first saw it in the bag I was very excited, I do enjoy a chemical exfoliation now and then.


What did you Dolls receive in your Ipsy Glam Bags this month? I was really Hoping for the too faced bronzer, I seen others had received but oh well. Hopefully next month.  


My First Nature Box, Ft. Two very Special Guest

Hello Dolls,

I'm sure you have heard of the Nature Box Subscribtion. It's a monthly subscription service for healthy snacks. I did the lowest costing one, which is $20 a month for 5 full size snacks. You can either choice, between picking your own snacks or having Nature Box pick them for you. For my first month I wanted to pick out my own snacks. I actually choose 10 different snacks so I would still be sort of surprised because I didm;t know what they were going to send me. You can also choose between, salty, sweet, and spicy snacks. Most Of the snacks I received were salty, with the exception of my Chocolate Almonds.

In this months Nature Box, I received the following: 
  • Poppy Seed Sticks: Short breaded sticks with poppy seeds. A nice texture, flavor with a salty favor. 
  • PB&J Granola: soft granola with peanut butter. It's so tasty, great to pair with yogurt.
  • Italian Bistro Pretzels: bite size pretzel bites. Salty flavor, covered with a dusting herbs and Italian flavor.
  • BBQ Kettle Kernels: Back in my day, we had snacks called, corn nuts, which were flavored crispy corn kernels, well this is the exact same thing. Perhaps, not as hard or crunchy, but just as delicious.
  • Dark Cocoa Almonds: Almonds covered with dark chocolate and a dusting of cocoa powder, amazingly delish. Usually cocoa powder sticks to my throat and I can't eat it. This was different, not as much powder but good enough to eat the whole bag, I almost did! jiji. 
  • My Surprise SnackMy: South Pacific Plantains: Eh, pretty bland, a good snack for a quick salty fix. It has sea salt but it's not overly salted so it's tolerable. 
The verdict is: Over all my girls and I enjoyed our snacks. as a mommy, I can know how hard it is to get kids to eat healthy.

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April Favorites ❤

Hello Dolls!

I'm so behind on my monthly favorites video, sawwy! This is for Jan., Feb., Mar. & Apr. Monthly Favorites 2014. Usually when I buy a product. Like any girl, I do enjoy shopping for the latest in cosmetics, fashion, skin care and all that jazz, but as a single mom, I don't have the luxury to shop every weekend. So I usually don't do these monthly favorites all that often, but I will start to, even if it's just a few items I'm loving. 

What have you been loving for the month of April?

Skin care: I don't usually change up my skin care routine. Once I find something that works, I'm pretty loyal to it. 

  • Cetaphil cleansing wipes
  • Cetaphil wipes
Makeup: There have been quite a few things i'm loving so far this year. Here is a run of the items.

  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 
  • Hard Candy Glow in Pink bottle & Gold
  • Maybelline Dream Mouse Foundation
  • Maybelline Earser Concealer
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream-San Paulo
  • Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

Hair: I swear by Macadamia hair products. These two are my favorites. I have been using the deep repair masque for about two years now and whiles it's on the pricey side $35 smackers, it is so worth it. Before this masque, my hair was super dry and almost straw like. It changed my world after the first use.

  • Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
  • Macadamia Leave-In cream
Book: I am actually in-between two books right now but I am starting this one, The Red Queen. Have you read it? If so, what did you think of it.

  • The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory

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