HELP!!!! Bloggers input needed, PLEASE!

Hello Dolls!

Hope you're having a lovely  Sunday so far.

I really need bloggers input and advise. I have two blogs & two YouTube channels. Each is dedicated to the two things I love to do the most, hence my slogan is "Medicine is my Husband | Makeup is my Soulmate".  My beauty blog/channel, is dedicated to all things girly, while is school blog/channel is for school & anything to do with nursing, ( that's my major), these however have not had much success due to most if not all my attention has been on my other blog/Chanel. As you may imagine it's a pain in the butt to manage multiple things. So I wanted to merge all of them together. My YouTube channel will host videos of beauty & school stuff as well as some medical stuff (I am currently working as a medical assistant at a hospital here in Chicago, in the urology department). Same goes for my blog, I would combine my beauty blog with my school together.

My dilemma is, will readers, as well as viewers be dismissive of my channel/blog by me doing this?

Will it be too confusing for my audience? Your input is greatly appreciate.



  1. Hi Eloisa, I think you could absolutely combine the two concepts. Especially as you continue to learn more through nursing, you could provide a health/medical perspective to the beauty products you review.

    1. That is just an amazing concept & idea. Thank you, lovely!!!