My Vanity!

Hello loves!

If you follow me on Instagram, if you don't, tsk tsk, follow me @missgeeklychic you know that a few weeks ago I received my mirrored vanity. I ordered it from Art Van. I am so happy with it. Just about everyone whose anyone has the Pier1 Hayworth collection mirrored vanity. I desperately wanted it but it's ridiculously expensive, and you pay separately for each piece. The vanity table, the mirrored, and the chair/stool. I went to Pier1 to see it in person and I'm glad I did. I actually didn't really like it. For the price it looked pretty cheap and a bad paint job. For all three pieces it was over a grand, yeah not gonna happen. Anywho, I went to ArtVan to purchase bedroom furniture and found this vanity. 

I'm loving it! It's not as wide as the vanity from Pier1 but it's just what I need and fits perfectly in the little space in my room. The best part...all three pieces...wait for it...$300! Yes, $300 and no, that wasn't a sale price. I had the store associate check and to make sure it was in fact for all three pieces, table, mirror, and chair, it did! So I did my 30 second happy dance in the store and bought it. Once it came I just couldn't wait to fill it with all my makeup! Teehee! Here's s sneak peek at what's on my vanity.

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