Tarte- Rainforest After Dark Palette (Review)

Hello Dolls, 

I wanted to do a review on the Tarte Rain forest After Dark palette. This palette was limited addition and unfortunately i don't believe it is still available in stores. I believe you can find it on eBay. 

This palette is made with Tarte's signature clay. It has six eyeshadows and a blush, highlight and bronzer. If you love browns and neutrals, this palette is for you. So gorgeous and the colors are safe for every day wear. I don't like to wear, what some people would call, scandalous eye shadow colors on a daily basis. I usually play it safe during the week because I work in a hospital and well there is a certain level of decorum and it may not be professional. At least for the role I have, different  positions in a hospital, you can get away with certain looks. For me, I just would rather not. 

Anywhoo back to my main topic here, did I mention I like to stray off topic, please be patient with me, teehee. This palette is so gorgeous and I just can't get over it. Not to mention the packaging is so stinking cute. I have not seen anything like it before, and i'm a sucker for cute packaging. So they had me at first glance. Teehee. 

Below I have a close up of the eyeshadow colors, unfortunately i wasn't able to swatch it because the lighting was getting bad in the bedroom. 

If your lucky enough to get this palette i really hope you enjoy it as much as I am. 


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