January Faves 2015

Hello Dolls!!

I can't believe this month is almost over. Hope everyone has had an awesome start to 2015, if not, another month is beginning and it'll be all good!!

Here are a few things I've been loving for the month of January 2015.

My favorite pieces of jewelry are these two statement necklaces. The blue & turquoise is from Banana Republic and the pink & coral is by Lauren Conrad for Khols. 

My favorite scent at the moment is Minajesty by Niki Minaj. It's not an overwhelming scent. Is subtle enough to wear daily. 

My favorite makeup at the moment is a few pieces. This is always the longest part, ;-). I like to prep my face with Olay facial oil. It's safe to use daily. I purchased mine at Ulta. 
My current everyday foundation is by Benefit Cosmetics, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, in "I'm all the Rage, beige".  Very pretty and not cakey, at least not for me. I set my makeup with Urban Decay Chill makeup setting spray. It gives me a nice glow. It's perfect to throw in your bag. The palette I'm using almost daily is the LORAC Unzipped palette. It's so stinking beautiful. The colors are bold yet neutral, if that makes sense. I find that  reaching for this one almost daily. I highly recommend it. For lipstick, I currently using Maybelline matte 665 Lust Fpr Blush. A very pretty pink. It's a bit dark on me. I thought it would be too bright for me but it wasn't. Which I'm glad about. For my eyebrows, I finally caved and bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade in Dark Brown. This one is tricky. It was difficult (for me) to get a handle on this. VERY little product goes a long way. I had sharpie brows with this. Thankfully I didn't risk giving a patient a  heart attack and practiced at home before walking out of my house. 

Random Faves:

My current favorite snack are these awesome Veggie Straws from Target. My handsome bought me a humongous bag from Costco. Delish and healthy. So I don't feel guilty about eating chips. If you've ever had the chips, Munchos, these are kinda like that. 

My current favorite apps are: Makeupsocial, Afterlight, Moldiv & Audible. 

Makeupsocial is basically Instagram for makeup lovers like you & me. Trust me, download it and thank me later. But don't blame me when you run out of juice on your cellie 'cause you always on it, like me!! 

Songs I'm currently loving is from the Fox show Empire!!! Which I guess qualifies as my current favorite show. Are you currently obsessed with that show like I am! Eek! So if you watch it and seen the first episode, the opening scene when V. Boseman song her heart out, ugh that was amazing, What is Love. Omg Jamal has the voice of an Angel. I had to download his song Good Enough. Oowee, that song reached my soul!!! Then we got the man himself, Mr. Michael Jackson. From his most recent album, how they are putting his stuff out is beyond me, is his song Chicago! I'm mean, MJ, need I say more!? 

Im sure you know about audible. But I'm case you don't I'll let you know. Audible is an app where you can download books and listen to them. I have always preferred a book in my hand, but I gotta say, I'm a believer and I'm loving it. Yes, I've converted, I've given in and listen to my books. Usually the only "me time" I have is in my car while I drive to & from work. If I'm not listening to music I'm listening to my books. Currently I'm listening to Hollow City, it's the second part to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Loving it. Are you currently loving any books that you're listening to or reading?

That's all for now guys!

What are your current must haves or things you've been loving? 

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  1. I love benefits foundation! it's the closest I've found to my skin tone and it's amazing. I'v also recently downloaded Afterlight and it's really good at editing pictures.

    1. Thanks hun! I love the foundation also. Isn't it the best app. its really all you need, jiji!