My foundation routine

Hello Dolls!!

I wanted to show you all how I do my foundation. Today I'm using my Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in I'm All The Rage~Biege.

I'm really loving this foundation. It isn't  full coverage but it is buildable. 

This is me, almost barefaced but I did my eyebrows and have moisturizer on.

Foundation can completely change the way you look and feel. I begin by damping my sponge with water. I use the pointed end to apply my foundation all around my face. I use the flat end to apply my concealer. Make sure to drag the foundation towards your neck. If you feel you need more coverage, then apply more. Be careful not to cake it on. You'll know you have done this if the your face and neck are do different colors. I like to relay on natural light to see how good my foundation is. I literally step outside and look in the mirror, (that I took outside with me) to see how well my foundation looks. 

When buying foundation we all know the hardest part is getting the right shade. If it's the wrong one, don't get discouraged and return it. It's all about trial and error. Have fun with it. Makeup is all about having fun and learning about what you like and what makes you feel glamorous and confident. 

I like to use the real technique beauty sponge. I love using a sponge to apply my liquid foundations. What do you use to apply your foundation? 

I'm going to go finish my makeup, be right back...

Ok, I'm back...

I finished the rest of my face...

Hope I have taught you something new and helpful.

I'll be uploading a video soon... 

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