First impressions: Spin for Perfect Skin brush

Hello Dolls,

I wanted to share with you all a first impressions on this Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin spin brush...AMAZING!

I literally just used. The are the products I have been hand washing my face with for years, St. Ives apricot scrub I've been using since high school, and the Johnson&Johnson I've been using for the last four years or so. I do use the Cetaphil cleanser also to wash my face, but I'm out at the moment. The newest edition to my regiment is the Nuetrogena HydroBoost gel cream. Amaze balls for dry skin like mine. 💗 

The vita goods spin brush comes with the interchangeable heads, one for exfoliating, cleaning, body and a pumice stone. 💗 so far I've only used the cleaning and exfoliating ones, they are SUPER soft. The cleaning head I used with my purpose cleaner and the St.Ives with the exfoliating head. I usually exfoliate once or twice of week. 

💗 I'm seriously in love with the first use. I'm trouble areas are my T zone & apples of my cheeks, that's where I am the driest and have redness. With one use, those dry patches are smooth as s babies bottom. I do have some redness above my Left eyebrow & under my left eye, but I think I may have been holding the brush a little to tightly against my face. It doesn't hurt but while I was using the brush it was a little bothersome over my dry patches. But I figured it's working hard to get rid of the dryness. I used it about 40 minutes ago and the redness that was created from washing is going away. Hopefully now my foundation won't look flakey because of my dry skin!!

Hope you found this review helpful

💗 Check out @vanityplanetstore on Instagram for your own spin brush. 

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