Happy international Women's Day - Feliz Dia internacional de la Mujer.

Hello Dolls, 

Today is international women's day. A day to recognize women from all around the world for all  their amazing accomplishments through out history. 

I wanted to give a quick thank you to them. 

Thanks to amazing women, we have the right to vote. We have the right to let our voices be heard. Thanks to amazing women who stepped up and worked in the factories that kept our country going in a time of war. Thanks to the amazing women with their accomplishments in the academic fields. Thanks to the women who help raise our children so others may be to work. 

Most importantly I want to thank my Mother. We almost died together in childbirth, but she had faith, and strength. We both made it out alive. My mother has always been my bestest friend, my strongest supporter and my biggest critic. Thanks to her I am who I am today. 

No women's job is greater than another's. Together we can and will be so much stronger. 

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