Hello March

Hello Dolls,

February has come and gone, not to much has happened for me last month but i'm so glad it's over.

What happened:
-Got a REALLY bad cold, lasted about two weeks, which means I spend half the month sick :(
-I was invited to a Beauty & Business event as a VIP guest yay, which I was too sick to attend, boo
-Made my first Louis Vuitton purchases, bought two hand bags on
-I bought  a Louis Vuitton mini pouches and key holder from the LV store.
-Joined a committee at work for Medical Assistants.

What's coming:
-More blogging & filming
-Projects that i'm really excited about
-An exam for work, to be certified in urology-so anxious and nervous for it

Hope you all have a beautiful month of March.

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  1. Happy March and the blog looks great! x