Hello April 2015

Hello Dolls,

April showers bring May flowers. I'm so happy March it over. It seemed like the longest winter ever. I know Spring started technically started in March. But for me I always think of the month of April. 

Not much happened in March. Had a few family birthdays and gatherings. My daughters took turns being sick...again! Work has been hectic. Learning new procedures, and new policies. My Ariana started on the track team, I'm so excited for her. I really needed her to join some type of sports. I think all girls should be in sports, it's good for them. My daughter doesn't like to sweat so I was pretty shocked she joined track, but I'm so glad she did. Thankfully, she is loving it. My Alejandra is in third grade and is too small to join in sports, per her school guidelines, sports start in the fifth grade. Speaking of Alex ( Alejandra's nickname is Alex) she has a birthday coming up, on the 20th. My baby will be a 9 y/o. I cannot believe my baby will be nine. Wow, just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital. 

I love the month of April. The cool weather. Change in fashion and colors. Everything seems so bright and cheerful. April is the beginning of beautiful things. Flowers, smell of bar-b-q's and fire pits. I'm so excited. As you guys know, David and I bought our house in September, I haven't blogged about it because I haven't done a whole lot with it, just yet. I brought the furniture I had in my little apartment. So I'm excited to paint and get patio furniture for the yard. I'll be posting and keeping you all updated. Do recommend any stores for home decor. I get so frustrated because I can never make up my mind. 

We will both be on vacation starting this Friday, Good Friday, with the girls. The girls will be on Spring break next week, so we decided to be off with them. Saves us a bunch on having to pay a baby sitter. We will be taking the girls to Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells. Sshh, it's a secret. I'm going to pack their things and leave it in the car. They have been wanting to return since we first took them, last year. We all had a blast. 

What are you most excited about or looking forward to this month?

  I have a few video and blog ideas for this month and I hope you all enjoy them! 

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