Planner Addict!!

Hello Dolls,

I have recently joined the army of the Planner addicts. I am so glad I did. Last year I purchase the Erin Condren Life Planner. I absolutely love it. I take everywhere possible. Although, I have found it to be difficult to take sometimes, so a splurged on a pocket size Louis Vuitton PM agenda. My ECLP is still my go to planner, but not always practical to take with me. 

I have made so many new friends through this craft. I have found that decorating my ECLP is so therapeutic for me. It's a hobby I really enjoy and unfortunately not everyone understands. But that's ok. Thankfully I have a super awesome supportive partner who understands me. He gets me. He realized and knows it's relaxing for me. 

When you start to decorate your planner, it can get overwhelming. First you have to know how and what you're using your planner for. I use it for everything. Keep track of my kids schedules, doctors appointments, chore schedules, meetings & work dinners, my school schedule and assignments...etc. 

I do have a calendar on my phone and other electronics but I forget to look at it. This system works for me. Do what work for you. 

Start off by buying a small planner/agenda I use to buy the ones from Target. Those were my favorite, especially for school. They are just no longer practical for me. Get a good pen, that doesn't bleed. I also love highlighters. As I said before, know what you'll use it for, maybe it'll be strictly for school, or to schedule blog post. The possibilities are endless. Do you have to write every single thing down in your planner, no. Don't let it overwhelm you. This is suppose to be fun. 

For my stickers, I bought them on Etsy. A shop called PopFizzPaper. She has some of the cutest stickers. I ordered more from her and an other shop. When I get all my stickers I will do another post on them in detail. 

For my love of planning I started a separate Instagram account, please make sure to follow me on there @MissGeeklyChicPlans

Share you planner pictures with me using the hashtag #PlanningWithEloisa 

Are you a planner addict like me?

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