April in Instagram

Hello Dolls,

A quick glance at my life through Instagram.

1. My first attempt at making chicken fajitas, not too bad, but I forgot a few ingredients, teehee, it's ok.

2. Selfie. We were on our way to lunch. Using a new makeup product.

3. The new product I was wearing, new from Physicians formula.

4. New planner goodies. I created a planner Instagram account, if you're a planner addict, like me, please follow me @EloisaPlans.

5. My Baby! It was her 9th birthday. 

6. My baby's at Great Wolf Lodge during spring break.

7. I hit up the Banana Republic outlet in Wisconsin and bought just a few necklaces, lol.

8. Selfie. Another lunch and errands type of day.

9. A day for a mani. went with a bubble gum pink. It was the salons polish so I don't know the name of it. 

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