May in Instagram

Hello Dolls,

May has come and gone so quickly. I say this every month, but I can't believe how fast  this month has come, we are literally in the middle of the year. How exciting is that! Here in Chicago the weather is nutty. We go from 40 degrees to 75, often all in the same day. 

1. An outfit I picked out for Church.
2. A selfie, tehehe.
3. Getting ready to go out, my makeup set up on my vanity.
4. Breakfast I made. Scrambled eggs with green peppers and avocado, and two pieces of toast with avocado.
5. SHREDZ!! I started the Shredz 30 day supplement challenge. (Blog & video coming soon)
6. Church, i attend New Life Community Church Midway, in Chicago.  I love my Pastor. the worship is my favorite part.
7. Home made iced coffee, my mommas recipe, I rarely drink coffee but I had a crazy craving. 
8. A dragon fruit. pretty good, and really pretty, tehehe.
9. I did a mini what's in my purse of my Rebecca Minkoff purse. 

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