What's on my iPad Mini 3 {Gold}

Hi Dolls,

Two years ago I had purchased an iPad (I believe it was the third generation) but my girls took over it and I rarely used it. But I realized I needed something for school and blogging on the go, when I don't take my MacBook Pro with me. Can you tell I'm an apple head. 

A few months ago I got the new iPad mini 3 in champagne gold with the Touch ID, and I'm so happy I did. I choose the champagne gold, because my iPhone 6 is in champagne gold, yes I'm neurotic like that, in 64gb. It's in the wifi only edition verses cellular with wifi. 

*Side note, I really want the new gold MacBook, because it's in champagne gold. My MacBook Pro is in perfect condition two years old but it's not gold. I told you, I'm neurotic. 

I loved my iPad 3, but found it too big & heavy and like I said, it was taken over, by my daughters, tehehe. At the time I purchased of the bigger iPad,  the iPad mini debut a few months later, ugh! 

Here is an overview of my iPad mini 3. 

All my apps are on one page. The set up is basically the same as on my iPhone 6.

The top three rows are default apps that come on the iPad mini, minus the last two in the third row. The first one is my Bible. Then a  short cut to my church's website. For days that I can't make it to church, I catch the live streaming. 

On the dock I have:
Messages, Mail, Safari, Music

Basically all the apps the come with all apple devices. Minus the find friends and find iPhone

iStudiez Pro, Black Board, AudioNote, Mathway, Quilt, Translate, Dictionary, Google Docs, DropBox, SignEasy, Calculator, Wikipedia, and medical review apps for exams I have to take. I'm a pre-nursing student and it's never too early to review. 

Figure1; basically instgram for trauma junkies, no weak stomaches allowed, you've been warned ;-), all nurses, Anatomy, Microbiology, A&P, iTriage, Prognosis, Medical Dictionary, Mighty Nurses website short cut, more anatomy apps, and a few chemistry & biology apps.

Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Amazon video, FX Now, Xfinity remote, Audible, pandora, Spotify.

My Bank, My Verizon, Sephora, Etsy, Yelp, ebay, Amazon, HauteLook, ShopHers

Don't think these need any introduction.

Same goes for these apps.

Beautylish, Blogger, Polyvore, Bloglovin', Google+, Fullscreen; my network that I partner with for my YouTube channel, IMDB, Buzzfeed

My favorite games on my iPad are The Simpsons Tapped Out, Blitz, Flow Free. 
Kim Kardashians Hollywood game was fun but gets on my nerves!!!!!! It gives you way too many tasks to do. I got overwhelmed and stopped playing.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have a tablet? If so, which app(s) are you loving?

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