What's on my iPhone 6 {Gold}

Hello Dolls!


I wanted to do an updated what's on my iPhone tag because I recently upgraded from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6. I have to admit that at first I was very hesitant to get the six because of how big it is, and how perfectly the five fit in my small handbags and coat pocket.
I got used to the size of the phone, although I have pretty small hands it does  slip sometimes. 
Although,  I gotta tell ya.... I LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!! Tehehe. 

I purchased the iPhone 6 in champagne gold, 128 gbs. I just wanted a lot of gbs. I'm currently rocking a Rebecca Minkoff case on it. I purchased it on eBay. Picture below.

An over all look at my phone. I was notorious for not using folders to place my apps in. I really hated having to click into a folder and going in & out, blah, blah, blah. BUT I got over it, lol. I have one page of apps. I went from having only two full pages of apps (with only two folders, one for Apple apps  I didn't use and the other for photography apps) but I started to download more and more apps. It's gotten out of control. I'm seriously contemplating swiping it clean and starting fresh. 

Once I realize I haven't used an app at least once in two months I delete them. I try to stay organized and not cluttered.

My home screen:
The first two rows are default apps that come with the iPhone that I use the most. The next two are more exciting, tehehe ;)
Periscope; sister app to Twitter for live streaming. Glide; video chatting I use with my girlfriends. Tango; my daughters and I use it to text and chat, because FaceTime & regular text messages is so basic ( did I use that right, girls?!?) Voxer; another app for communication that we use at work. Not everyone has an iPhone but we all pretty much have a smartphone. So Voxer it is.
Dark Sky: weather app, it was $5, worth it! Waze; GPS that finds you your fastest route. Bible. Audible.

On the dock I have;
Phone, Mail, Safari, Messages

General Apple apps:

I do use followers for Instagram & Twitter to see who follows & unfollows me.

Music Apps:
Music, Apple default app, shazam, Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud, 8Tracks

My bank, Amazon, Dash Hudson, Groupon, HauteLook, The Hunt, Sephora, Yelp, Forks of Knives

Here I have a few apps for school. Blackboard; a school app to check grades and assignments. Mathway; the holy grail for those that hate math, like me. Uber, Netflix, all nurses, My verizon, TurboScan, iTranslate, PayPal, Venmo, Find iPhone, Moviefone, CNN, GasBuddy, SignEasy, Quizlet, Dropbox.

I'm sure these need no explanation, minus a few that may not be to popular. MakeupSocial; basically Instagram for makeup lovers. Fullscreen is the network I partner with for my YouTube channel, YikYak; a hilarious and sometimes inappropriate anonymous posting for college students. Creator Studio; helps me manage my YouTube channel.

Pretty basic. Think everyone knows all of these apps. 

MyChart keeps my connected to my doctors, to schedule appointments and check results, beats having to call and waiting for someone yo get back to me. Figure 1; is basically medical Instagram, lol, that's the best way to explain it in a few words. If you have a weak stomach DO NOT get it. I'm a trauma junkie so I love it. BodyLab is Jennifer Lopez's app yo get in shape stay fit. Aqualert helps me keep track of how much water I'm drinking. AllTrails give you hiking, biking, walking areas in your area. I'm a pre-Nursing student and have been reviewing NCLEX test questions, never too early. 

Games: my favorites right now are Flow Free and word search.

That's it loves. Hope you enjoyed this post. Hope I introduced you to a new app or two. 

What app(s) are you loving on your smartphone? 

Stay tuned for my what's on my iPad. 

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