August In Instagram

Hello Dolls,

August has come and gone. We had a good run though. Take a sneak peek at what I did this past month.

1. My first Cubs game with my better half. It was really exciting. The first few I need were hard on me because we were in the bleachers and the sun was straight on our faces, and of course I left my sunnies at home, genius I know! Haha. We left in the 7th inning, it was already 10pm and we both had to work the next day. But his team won... Go Cubs!!! 

2. Later that week we went to another baseball game. The cross town classic of the Chiczgo White Sox vs. the Chicago Cubs. My team lost that night :( bug we had a blast, it was my first tail gate and first Sox/Cubs game.

3. Meet my baby Delta. We adopted her 8.15.15, we went to that mass Clear The Shelters event. It was pretty awesome to see so many pets get adopted. It was love at first sight with my baby girl. Delta is an American Staffordshire Terrier an AmStaff for short, we were told she is three but she is actually 1. She's a pup who loves to play and run. My girls are in love with her. We all are.

4. I'm restarting my Shredz supplements. I started and stopped. I've had some pros and cons with it. I'll keep you all posted this month in my progress.

5. Makeup. What else can I say about it. It's my love. 

6. We went to our good friends Ramon & Silvia's wedding on Saturday. I had a good time. So much in fact, I forgot to take pictures, haha, oops. Thankfully they had a photographer there to capture great moments. Her dress was so stunning and fit her so well. She looked beautiful, they both looked so happy. I wish our friends a life time of happiness. 

There's a bit more happening over on my Instagram. Be sure to stay up to date with me on there. Follow me @missgeeklychic. 

I'm almost at 500 followers, so excited. Sorry, I'm a big nerd!!

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