New Louis Vuitton Dividers

Hello Loves,

Today I wanted to share with you  some new planner/agenda dividers I received from my beautiful Mommy. Just in time for Halloween.

Take a look inside my Spell Book, buahahahahahaha!!!

My Mom bought them off a lovely lady through or on rather a Facebook fan page we both belong to for Louis Vuitton Agenda Addicts. So sorry I don't know how much they are. I actually didn't see them and I'm not sure if she still has them available for sale. If I find them I will post a link ;)


Each divider has a Spell from the movie Hocus Pocus, one of my favorite movies ever!!! Tehehehe.
There are five spells, perfect for every wicked witch. Each divider has a gold glittery witches hat as the tab. Very cute. I am so obsessed with these dividers and I think I will rock them year round, haha.

How are you decorating your agendas for Halloween?

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National Handbag Day

Hello Dolls,

Today is National Handbag Day! It started out for me not knowing which bag to use.

I couldn't decide between my two Louis Vuitton hand bags. They are both in the monogram print. I have the speedy 30 and the Alma, I believe it's the PM size. 

I ended up choosing the speedy. I was wearing jeans a burgundy top, very simple and casual. I thought the bag was the perfect choice. I didn't take an outfit selfie today, was running around I forgot to. Simple but always stylish, tehehe. 

My birthday was this past Wednesday and my Mother bought me this lovely bag charm. It's made from authentic Louis Vuitton leather, in the monogram print.  I don't know where she got it from, but she's the perfect addition to my handbag.

Which hand bag are you rocking today?