Dry (Drier) skin season has arrived.

Hello Loves,

It's that time of year again, where if you're anything like me, dry skin gets worse.

These are two important creams I love.

The first one is Neutrogena HydroBoost gel. I absolutely love this. It's a water based gel and leaves my skin feeling so soft. 

The second cream I use is by L'Oreal Paris, YouthCode. This is a dark spot corrector and sunscreen with SPF 30. I absolutely love both of them together. Now just because it's winter does not mean you should you stop using sunscreen. Its something that you need to use daily. I don't want any wrinkles or skin cancer. I cannot stress the importance SUNSCREEN.

These two will never leave my vanity. The Nuetrogena is a little on the pricey side for a drugstore cream. I found it for $20.00 at CVS, I know the price varies by a few dollars depending where you find it. The L'Oreal cream I believe ran me $14 dollars.

What helps you with your dry skin?

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