Essential things every purse should contain

Essential things every purse should contain

Hello Dolls,

There are a few things I believe every woman should carry in her handbag/purse. Everyone has their  must haves and here is a list of mine. These are things I carry with me daily and feel lost without them. My handbags are like Mary Poppins bag. I you need it, I mostly have it. 

1. Umbrella
The weather in Chicago is so unpredictable. I use the Weather Channel app but I still carry one with me religiously. I have been caught in the rain a few times and ruined my hair, makeup or a handbag. 

2. Pen
I  have always been taught by my Mother to always keep a pen (and paper/mini notebook) with me. You never know when you may need it. I know just about everyone has a smart phone these days and usually jolt stuff down on them, but I still like this method. You never know when you may run out of battery on your mobile device. 

3. Makeup
As a makeup lover and beauty blogger, this is a must for me. I like to keep my makeup pouch with me everywhere I go. The contents change up all the time. Depending on how I do my makeup that day. I used to carry every thing I may possibly need, but I've been pretty good about only taking the basics with me and keeping it to a minimum. 

4. Stun Gun
Yup, you read that right. I used to carry pepper stray, but I have since upgraded to my stun gun. Safety first, babes. 

5. Compact Mirror
You never know when you will need to check your makeup or you teeth after eating, tehehe.

6. Snacks & Water
I love to carry a bottle of water and a few snacks with me. Whether it be a small bag of pretzels or almonds, a cliff bar, quest bar, etc. I tend to get a little hypoglycemic, so i need something with me.

7. Hand sanitizer
This one to me is a no brainer. I work in the medical field and we are constantly washing our hands. After a while, even if not at work, I need to wash my hands, even if with hand sanitizer. I feel my hands are dirty if I don't. 

8. Tissues
Another no brainer for me. Being a Mommy and suffering with seasonal allergies tissues are a must have. I keep them everywhere. My purse, my car, at home etc. They come in handy. 

9. Lotion
Being that I'm constantly washing my hand and I use hand sanitizer the result is, my hands get very dry. Lotion is in my best friend, especially in winter. 

10. Wallet
I use the Louis Vuitton mini couchette as a wallet at the moment, I just everything in there that a wallet can hold.  How do you carry your money and cards? 

Other Random essentials:
It's good to carry a few feminine products with you, just in case Mother Nature decides to make an unexpected visit. Also some aspirin, a band aid or two, some "protection" No Glove, No Love, a box of matches. 
What are some essentials in your hand bag/purse? What do you think I can add to my bag?

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