Battle of the Mascaras: Maybelline vs. TooFaced

Hi Loves,

Today I wanted to have a bit of makeup wars between two of my very favorite mascaras. 

I realized I am putting a drugstore mascara vs. a high end mascara. I'm doing this because these are the two that I have been using for the longest and decided to put them up against each other. So here goes...

The first is Maybelline Lash Sensational vs. TooFaced Better Than Sex. As you are well aware, Maybelline is a drugstore brand, affordable to all coming in at around $10, TooFaced is a bit more high end and can be a bit pricey, but it's not super expensive, this one runs in at about $23 and can be purchased at beauty stores Ulta & Sephora and direct from the TooFaced website. 

The mascara tubing is about the same in length, but the Maybelline is a chunky tube. 

The Maybelline wand is curved, and doesn't have the traditional hairs or brissels. This style claims to be that way to curl your lashes without actually curling them.

The TooFaced wand is more of a coke bottle shape (at least to me that's how it looks). 

I'm going to test these bad boys against each other. I'm going to do just a single stroke and see if there is any difference. 

As you can see I have no lashes, haha. They are very short and light. I need all volumous mascara I can get. 

TooFaced Better Than Sex: 

One stroke didn't do much.

Maybelline Lash Sensational:

The results:

Ok, I think I'm siding with Maybelline on this one. I understand if you think, well hey, you just did one stroke how is that fair? Well that's how I wanted to test them. The one stroke test. With one stroke I believe Maybelline instantly made my lashes actually appear and gave them a little lift but I think I still need to curl them. It looks like I have lashes. The TooFaced, it gave me color but not as much visibility at one stroke. I think it would take a few strokes to achieve what Maybelline did in one. 


I love both mascaras. I will continue to use both, but I think TooFaced will sit on the bench (my vanity) more often than Maybelline. 

*Video coming soon. 

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