Hello, March

Hello, Loves!!

March is officially upon us and I for one am super excited. I really don't know why. I don't think I have anything particularly awesome planned for March but I'm glad it here.

February had its hits and misses for me. 

Here's a February recap:

1. My husband and I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Here we are in from of the cathedral in front of Jackson Square. Needless to say, we had a blast.

2. The food was endless and devine. We had an order of Bananas foster from Stanley's. Phenomenal. Pictured is actually half the order. My husband and I split it. 

3. While in New Orleans, hit up Louis Vuitton for a souvenir. I purchased the round coin pouch. FYI, it's being discontinued so get it while you can, tehe. 

4. The Hubs and I went to the Gumbo Shop in New Orleans. Yes, the best Gumbo in the French Quarter. Hands down. 

5. Took my (big) puppy for a car ride when I got home. We did have a sitter and well let's just say she was eager to see us, especially my husband. 

6. At the hospital I work at, they were offering therapy dogs for the employees to sort of destress. It was a pretty cool experience. But already being a doggy mommy. I knew how dogs help destress you. I got to play with the cutest doggy named Dallas... Shhh, please don't tell Delta. She'd feel so betrayed. 

7. I got my unicorn. Yes, I had been found I purse I'd been eyeing for the past year. I'm so happy with her. She's perfect. It's the Louis Vuitton Pochette M├ętis. If you'd like a full review please leave a comment down below :-)

8. What can I loves all in one picture. 

9. Tarte cosmetics stopped an anti-cyber bullying campaign. It was so awesome to see. Cyber bullying needs to end now. Nothing more cowardly then to bully someone behind a screen. 

10. February did not end well for me. I was in the hospital with a severe case of the flu. I mean full on dehydration and ok I will spare you the nasty details, but trust and believe I thought I was dying. I'm so eternally grateful for my awesome Hubsband and my two equally amazing daughters who helped me bounce back. I'm not 100% yet, this darn cough won't leave me alone but I'm getting there. 

That's a wrap for February folks. Hope you had a great one. 

Wishing you an amazing month of March. 

Oh,one last thing, for Valentine's Day, I took the hubby out for a date. We had so much fun, I forgot to get a picture or to post, Facebook check-in, all that jazz. That's how you know it was awesome, haha. 

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