March In Instagram (2016)

Hello loves,

Happy last day of March. March has come and gone. It was pretty great. Here are a few of my highlights in a review. Hope you enjoy!

1. Mamas got a brand new bag. Haha. I found this beautiful authentic "pre-loved" Louis Vuitton messenger bag in Damier Geant. I love it. I use it everyday for work. I'm a fan of YouTuber Kristina Bee, or better known as PrettyShinySparkly. She showed this bag in a YouTube video "What's in my work bag" and I fell in love with it. So the hunt began. I spoke to a women in Facebook page for Louis Vuitton who was selling it. It is a little beat up, but the canvas was in good shape, no rips in the bag at all. The vachetta has a pretty patina color. 
2. Work has been crazy. We have been so busy with procedures. I do love to do procedures but ahhhh, haha. Sometimes it gets very hectic and tiring. 
3. I'm still learning and playing with makeup. I love it. 
4. I was tagged with on Instagram to show my favorite trio of SLGs. It was a fun tag. Hop on over and see what why these are my favorites. 
5. A got a few new pens for my agenda. I love them. I don't really care for gel pens, I have chicken scratch writing and gel pens really show it ;-) but these aren't too bad and don't bleed. 
6. Easter. I didn't do much this Easter. My girls were with there father and my husband had to work, so I was home  alone. I did end up having company. My sisters and mother stopped by, but we just had pizza and chocolates, haha.
7. I was really excited to do a review and comparison on these two mascaras. I did a YouTube video. Please check out my channel for the video. 
8. I was just realllllyyyyy feeling my makeup. I'm telling y'all I'm learning. ;-)
9. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone with candy :-) this was pretty good. Have you tried a York peppermint patty? It's tasty. 

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