April in Instagram

Hi loves, 

Hope you are having a great Saturday. I've spent my day cleaning and cooking, yes I'm a party animal! Haha. I did go get some junk food with my girls and catch Hotel Transylvania 2 on Netflix, just as cute as the first one. 

Anywho, the fourth month of the year has come and (almost) gone, so I wanted to do a review of my Instagram account. 

April has been great to me and my family. 

1. We went to a Chicago White Sox game. It was FREEZING. Thankfully the ball park had sellers selling hot chocolate and man where they yummy.

2. My husband and I went on a brewery tour. It was so great. We went to the Goose Island brewery here in Chicago. We were given three samples of different beers and had a great tour guide. 

3. Got new scrubs. Haha, at work our uniforms were changed from blue to grey. I truly love them. They are from Dickies and so comfy.

4. I got a few new planner goodies from Cloth & Paper. I really love the quality of there paper. I bought a few dividers and weekly inserts. My only complaint is is wish the inserts were white instead of a ivory color. Minor I know, and totally not a deal breaker for me but all of the inserts in my agenda is white, haha. 

5. I got an Apple Watch!!! I put a video up  about it so please be sure to check it out. Link in the video side bar.

6. I did a what's in my bag featuring my baby, the Pochette Metis.

7. I did my first planner set up video. 
Link in the video side bar. 

8. I love these two lip glosses from L'oreal. 

Gadget Geek | I got an Apple Watch

Hi loves,

Hope you all have been having a great weekend. 

Friday I went to the Apple Store and I treated myself to an early Mother's Day gift. I got an Apple  Watch!! Eek. I'm so freaking excited I can't contain myself. I want to share a quick haul if you will, of my watch. 

I'm a complete fan of Apple products. There are simple and easy to use and I love simple technology. Apple can get all my money ;-)

I purchased the  Watch Sport in the 38mm Rose Gold with Lavender band.

Here are a few photos of it. 

The Apple Watch comes in three styles:
-Watch Sport {starting at $299, aluminum cases}
-Watch {starting at $649, Stainless steel cases}
-Watch Edition {starting at $10,000, 18-karat Gold/Rose Gold cases}

The Bands can be interchangeable and run about $50. You can get third party bands on Amazon for about $15. 

Do you have an Apple Watch? If so how are you liking it? 

Meet my new esthetician, Liz.

Hi Kittens,

Hope you all have been having a lovely  weekend, the weather right now is really nice here in Chicago. 

A few weeks ago I went to get my very first facial. It was AWESOME!! 

Back story:

I was chatting with my oldest and dearest friend Gaby from high school. Just having your average girl talk and the conversation turned to skin care. I told her I had never actually had a facial. She  recommended I get one and I try this salon called, Plush Hair & Spa Salon in Mokena. I said, well ok, but what's so great about it, because it's a little out of my way, being that I'm in the city and Mokena is a good 25-30 minute drive depending on traffic. Gaby stated that the best thing about this Salon is the esthetician, Liz. 

Boy was she right. 

Liz is the sweetest. I had a million questions and she patiently answered every one. I had never had a facial before and boy have I been missing out. I was so impressed with her services and knowledge that I asked her if I could do a feature on her. She kindly, timidly agreed. 

About Liz: 

Ok, can we just start with how gorgeous she is. Like, how is that even possible? Haha. She is gorgeous inside and out, truly she is. 

My experience:

I made my appointment with Liz, and she was pretty accommodating. My Monday thru Fridays are pretty hectic so we decided on a Saturday. 

Liz greated me at the door. Super sweet. She walked me to the back and gave me a little tour of the place. It was really serene and calming in the spa section of the salon. Which is how they should be. We sat and chatted about my skin and what I'm looking for as far as treatment. 

She walked me to her room and had me undress, and provided a robe. She had me get another blankets and lay down. 

I put my things in a cute basket she had in her room. 

She explained every step of the process. Didn't use any harsh chemicals. She started gently as she doesn't know my skin, this being my first visit with her. She started with a cleanser, removed my black/white heads-gross! I was worried me skin was covered in that stuff, but I got a good report, haha. She also used a toner, steam and several other cleansers and two different masks. She finished up with a moisturizer and an spf cream. I was so impressed with everything. I especially loved the spf she used, so light weight and no smell. I know we are suppose to use spf year round but how many of us actually do? I know I don't. The ones we seen in drugstores are usually heavy and stinky. So, I bought it from her. I will never leave home with out it. I truly loved all the products she used. 
What felt good on my skin was also the steam, sounds crazy right?! But I did enjoy that. I felt it open my face up. Liz placed a hot towel on my face and I think I fell asleep, seriously. It was ridiculously relaxing. I see why women get them. We NEED this stress reliever in our lives. Releasing stress, while deep cleaning our faces. 

She even called me two days later to check on me and to see how my skin was and if I had any reactions at all. I  highly recommend Liz Valle at Plush Hair & Spa Salon. I truly had an amazing experience with her. I'm taking my mother soon. She needs some pampering. 

If you live in Chicago, or surrounding suburbs, you have to take trip to Mokena and see Liz. Tell her I referred you. I truly cannot speak more highly of her and my experience. 

What's in my bag ft: Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

Hello, Loves!

A few weeks ago I did a review of the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis, so I decided to show you what I fits in her :-).

This is how my things fit:

In the first pocket I carry these three SLGs (small leather goods). My round coin purse. Monogram Key Cley, which I use as a wallet. My monogram 6 key holder. 

In the middle compartment I carry the mini Pochette accessories. Inside that I just carry a few essentials. 

The second thing I carry is makeup pouch. I use the toiletry bag in size 15.

And finally my iPad mini.

Hope you enjoyed this post. "What's in my bag" has to be one of the favorite posts, besides the "what's in my iPhone" haha ;-).

March/Current Favorites

Hello Kittens,

Today I wanted to share with you all my current and March favorites. 

Another month has come and gone, and I have discovered amazing products. Luxurious and store brand. Here's a run down:

•Louis Vuitton:

-My agenda MM is essential to me. I'd seriously be lost without her. You obviously do not need an expensive planner but because I paid so much for her, it forces me to use her.

-Pochette Metis. I mean, what can I say about it. She's fabulous and I'm so in love with her.
-Damier Geant messenger bag, I use her daily Monday-Friday for work. 
-6 key holder, this one was a gift from my husband and I cherish her. 


-Rimmel London 25hr foundation
-BECCA ultimate complexion correction creme
-Maybelline lash sensational mascara
-Sephora marvelous mauve liquid lipstick

-Chloe perfume: Rose


-Kellogg's pastry crisp
-Nature Box chocolate covered almonds


-Prince Royce: Darte Un Beso

-Jason Derulo: Trumpets

-Fifth Harmony: Work from home

-Purse Forum: a place we can talk about our love of handbags. 
-Unroll.Me: de clutter your inbox with this app. 

Hope you have discovered something new. 

What were you loving this past month?