April in Instagram

Hi loves, 

Hope you are having a great Saturday. I've spent my day cleaning and cooking, yes I'm a party animal! Haha. I did go get some junk food with my girls and catch Hotel Transylvania 2 on Netflix, just as cute as the first one. 

Anywho, the fourth month of the year has come and (almost) gone, so I wanted to do a review of my Instagram account. 

April has been great to me and my family. 

1. We went to a Chicago White Sox game. It was FREEZING. Thankfully the ball park had sellers selling hot chocolate and man where they yummy.

2. My husband and I went on a brewery tour. It was so great. We went to the Goose Island brewery here in Chicago. We were given three samples of different beers and had a great tour guide. 

3. Got new scrubs. Haha, at work our uniforms were changed from blue to grey. I truly love them. They are from Dickies and so comfy.

4. I got a few new planner goodies from Cloth & Paper. I really love the quality of there paper. I bought a few dividers and weekly inserts. My only complaint is is wish the inserts were white instead of a ivory color. Minor I know, and totally not a deal breaker for me but all of the inserts in my agenda is white, haha. 

5. I got an Apple Watch!!! I put a video up  about it so please be sure to check it out. Link in the video side bar.

6. I did a what's in my bag featuring my baby, the Pochette Metis.

7. I did my first planner set up video. 
Link in the video side bar. 

8. I love these two lip glosses from L'oreal. 

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