What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours.

Hello Loves, 

Sorry but this is a long post. 

Yesterday I posted my May in Instagram review. I ended the month on cloud nine, as my husband and I found out we were expected. 

Well today we found out that I lost my baby. We are beyond devastated. We have been trying for a while with no luck and then bam, we are pregnant. And just like that, the joy was taken from us. 

Its going to get technical and TMI:

On May 16th I got what I thought was my menses (period), but on the 17th, for whatever reason I had a feeling I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and it popped positive. I was at work and the girls were screaming with joy along with me. I was trembling I was in such shock. I took three more and right away they popped positive. I shared the news with my husband and he was so overcome with happiness. 

Then, I was confused how am I pregnant if I just got my period. According to the first day of my last menses March 29th, I didn't get one in April, and since I had my IUD removed last June I have been pretty regular. So it put me at around 7 weeks. 

Over the course of a few days, I continued to bleed and pass blood clots. That same day that I found out I made an appointment to see my OB. Three days later, which is usually how long my menses last, I emailed my doctor with my concerns as I continued to bleed and pass blood clots. My doctor ordered blood test to concern pregnancy and an ultrasound. The ultrasound was scheduled for a week later. I couldn't take the anxiety so the sonographer at my clinic was sweet enough to do an ultrasound for me. I saw my baby and the flicker of the heart beat, phew! She did see some bleeding, but outside the sac. 

But the bleeding and clotting continued. 

A week later my official ultrasound was upon us. Again, I saw my baby and the heart beat. The morning of the ultrasound I had a very heavy flow and cramping. So again I emailed my doctor. He got back to me with the results of my ultrasound. 

According the the ultrasound I had 
Subchorionic Hemorrhage. Which is like a blood clot. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict what may happen. The vast majority of patients with a subchorionic hemorrhage will do fine in pregnancy as that clot goes away.  But, there is still a chance for miscarriage too.  
Unfortunate is the fact that there is nothing that you or your doctor can do to try to prevent a miscarriage. Your activity, diet, medications, etc won't have any influence and there is no medication the doctor can give you to try to prevent a miscarriage from occurring.  

Today was my first official visit with the doctor he went straight to doing a transvaginal ultrasound in the office. I was devastated while watching the monitor. I didn't see the flicker I saw the other day. The doctor told me he didn't see a heartbeat. So he sent me down for a STAT ultrasound. 2 dredded hours later the doctor calls me. Our fears were confirmed. My baby passed away. There is no longer a heartbeat. 

I hung up the phone. Walked out with my husband and broke down in the lobby. I thank God for my husband. He has been so strong for us, for me. I know God does things for a reason. According to my doctor, the baby was probably not developing correctly so my body was rejecting him. I have a feeling I was carrying a boy. 

I am completely devastated and heart broken right now but we will get through this. 

Thank you to all of you for your well wishes for my pregnancy. 

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