My new desk

Hello loves,

Happy Subday! I'm so excited for my new desk. I've been wanting this desk forever and she finally mine. The very simple leaning white desk. There's really no place for me to place my laptop. There's an office but my husband uses it and it's pretty crowded in there so I made my own little book in the living room. We spend about an hour putting it together yesterday. 

My husband purchased it for me from Amazon. I'll leave a link below. 

It has two shelves and table for my laptop. I haven't purchased a chair yet because I'm expecting new couches in a few weeks so I want to wait and see  how everything looks together. 

Here's a little tour:

The first shelf has a few of my Louis Vuitton boxes, the big box has my MacBook charger in it. A picture of me and my sisters from the day my big sister graduated from the academy to be an Illinois cook county sheriff. Then a little faux plant. 

Second shelf holds just a few books. Two by Lauren Conrad, one by Michelle Phan, Becoming Nursey. My two Louis Vuitton pm agendas, a hand sanitizer from B&BWs, you can tell its old because they no longer make them in the bottle shape. Wish they did. My speaker. Eiffel Tower gold plated scissors. A book I'm reading right now, the second in the Miss Peregines series. A mason jar full of my gel pens and a pair of ear buds. A finally a tiny unicorn my daughter bought me back from a school trip. 

Everything on these shelves will be moved or changed eventually. I'm a super fickle person. 

Finally my MacBook Pro 13'. She's about five years old and she's my baby. 
I'm thinking of place a calendar either of the wall or one to put in the shelves. 

How do you decorate your desk?
Any tips for me?

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.

Get my desk so we can be twins: 

Mintra White Finish 3-Tier Laptop Book Shelf

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