One year with my Apple Watch & how I customize it.

Hi loves,

Today I wanted to share with you my Apple Watch, a year later. I gotta tell you, I still love her as much as the day I got her. I bought my apple watch as an early mothers day gift to myself. I'm a watch person in general, so I always have a watch on, every single day. Working in a hospital I always need one. I have a small wrist so I opted for the 38 mm in Rose Gold, but it does come in a bigger size, 42 mm. It does have some weight to it, but previously I was wearing a Michael Kors watch and it's about the same weight & face size give or take.  

If you're not really into wearing a watch this one may convert you or keep you away. I love that it's an extension of my phone, but since mine is a series 1, my phone has to be near me to get any function out of it. With the series 2, I believe you do not need to have your phone on or near you. 

Messages & phone calls: I love receiving my text messages on my watch. The hospital I work at, we are not allowed to have our cell phones on us, (though everyone does it, so it's a great way to not miss important messages & phone calls. Its great for when you are out with family and friends because instead of being on your phone, via your watch you can discreetly send quick replies and it's easier to reject calls as well. 

Keeps me moving: 
I love the alert to get up and move. It keeps my going toward my goals get healthier and fit-not necessarily skinny-but fit and healthy. I love get my rings to completely close, I do a 30 second happy dance every time. 

Battery life:
I put my watch on every morning around 5 am at a full charge. Depending on how many notifications I get that day, when I get home around 4pm, I'm at about 60% battery. I know some people can get up to two days of battery life before they need to charge their apple watch, but I do not sleep with my watch on so I really couldn't tell you how long it lasts. Usually when I get home I take it off and place it on the charger. It's just a habit I have developed.

Splash Proof:
Working in a hospital I have to wash my hands before and after every patient. Although mine is the series 1 like I stated above, it is not water proof like the series 2, but it is water resistant. So I have no issues the times it has gotten splashed with water.

How I customize my watch:

I have gotten tons of compliments & questions on how I customized my apple watch face. Everyones apple watch is different, because while some people may have the same face, everyone can customize what they choose to display on their watch. I go further by customizing my apple watch with a caduceus.
I downloaded the app Personal (see photo below) it unfortunately isn't free. I'm not sure if it was $1.99 or $2.99. You can customize it with all types of emojis, emoticons or sayings.

I really hope this helped you if you are on the fence about getting an Apple Watch.

Please leave your questions and or comments done below.


  1. Your review is definitely making me consider getting an Apple watch for myself especially after knowing how helpful it is for someone on the move. Thanks for this detailed review, keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for sharing your reviews for apple watch. I was just thinking to buy a watch but was confused a bit for which brand is good. Now i think apple is best.