What's in my bag-School edition

Hello love bugs,

I'm so excited to be back to blogging. My blog got all screwy, and I couldn't recover it, damn error 404! It was the death of me...but thank Goodness it's back.

For those of you that don't know, (unless you follow my Instagram) I'm currently back in school to finish my prerequisites for Nursing, I'm so exciting. So I decided my first post of the year and to celebrate being back, I would do a what's in my bag-school edition.

My bag:

I use this basic black back pack, I got on Amazon. It's ok, holds everything I need, including my laptop. The bad thing about it is that it collects lint like nobodies business.


This semester I'm only taking one class, biology. It's a great class but really tough. My favorite portion is the lab. I've come to realize I'm a visual learner, so doing hands on activities helps a lot. 


I carry a ½ inch binder, for my power points. We cover two chapters a week so I just carry the current chapters as to not carry to much. A folder for any sheets, test and quizzes she hands us back. A notebook to take notes. I carry my agenda to jot down assignments and exam dates. 

Writing utensils:

I bought this adorably cute pencil pouch on etsy. How perfect for taking a biology class or any science class. The seller is Sewing Scientist Jen on etsy. My favorite pens are this paper mate black ball point pens. highlighters from sharpy that have the little clear viewing window, I always over highlight. I have these steadler gen pens, they are pretty good, and the only ones I really like. Then we have the basics, white out tape, eraser, and a flash drive. I do carry matches.


I do carry a makeup pouch. I bought this one a few years ago at sephora. I carry this mostly because I go to school right after work and after 8-10 hours I look pretty rank, so I need to freshen up.  I carry a mini mascara, lip balm, lip crayon from Nars, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, a lip gloss, a small eye shadow palette and a blush/bronzer from elf, and makeup brushes. A few hair ties and bobby pins and comb. 


These are the gadgets I take with me to school. I don't take them to every class, but sometimes I need them. My iPhone is ALWAYS with me. I currently have the rose gold iPhone 7+ and I freaking love it. also always with me is my apple watch, I have the rose gold 38 mm. Then there's my iPad mini, this is one device I don't always have but sometimes I need it. Finally my MacBook Pro 13in. Again, a device I don't always bring with me, but I was doing a group project and needed it. I don't type my notes on the computer while in class, major kudos to those students that can type notes as the professor lectures, I envy you. With gadgets comes cables. I carry this pouch to hold my charger for my iPhone/iPad, and MacBook charger. I actually bought an extra charger for my MacBook because since I actually don't  bring my MacBook often, I found that when I do, I always forget the darn charger. Lastly, earbuds and a little stand for my iPhone and/or iPad.


I carry this Louis Vuitton key pouch, and in it I carry my school ID, we have to scan our ID's in order to gain access, a debit card, a card to print and I don't carry lots of cash on me but when I do have cash, it's usually just a couple of singles for the vending machines. I try to carry snacks with me, so I don't buy junk food, because oh how I love my hot cheetos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you carry in your back pack? Anything I'm missing!

Love you lots!

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  1. i love your cute accessories and how every single one of the piece seems to go with the others. it just says more about how organized you are and how absolutely amazing your choice is