Spring in Lipsticks

Hello Loves,


I walked into Walgreen’s yesterday and stopped dead in my tracks. These pretty pink tubes caught my eyes. I’m a sucker for pink and pretty packaging. They were the Maybellibe ColorSenational lipsticks.
I couldn’t believe how gorgeous they are. I seriously wanted all of them.
I starting to play around with them. These shades are perfect and right in time for spring.
I settled on three… For now.
Umm…can we say gorgeous!!
I’ve never really been a lipstick kinda girl until a few years ago. Now, I just can’t seem to get enough. I would pretty much keep it safe with pretty neutrals, maybe a red and pop of pink. I always thought my skin tone was too, umm, I don’t know the right word to describe it, but I just didn’t think “outrageous” shades suited me very well.
I grew up where the rules of makeup were, if your eye makeup is heavy or dark, you go very light on the lips and vice versa. The only expection was black eyeliner always goes with red lipstick.
My oh my, how times have changed.
And man it is so much fun. WHO cares about your skin tone/color. Makeup is suppose to be fun, and I like to have fun. I for one know I buy a lot of makeup so why keep it boring and simple?
The Maybelline Colorsenasation collection is just that. Fun.
The purple really caught my eye. Truly stepping out of my comfort zone here.
Here are a few swatches…
lips lips
From top to bottom
•705 is a pretty pink shade, with a hint of nude.
•735 is a blood orange shade, with a hint of red. gorgeous.
•730 is a pretty lavender. This is the one that really caught my eyes and is the one that I decided to be bold and daring this spring.
Which shade did you like? Have you picked up any of the Maybelline Colorsensations?