Choosing the Best Beard Wash

Growing a beard is one thing, keeping it in top shape is another. And one of the things that you will need to make your beard looking great is a beard wash. As there are so many products available, it will be a challenge to find the one that will do the job well, however. Read on to find out what you need to consider when choosing the best beard wash.

One of the concerns when finding beard products to use is the need for purchasing different products for specific purpose when there could just be a single product that can address the same need. For instance, why do you need to use a different shampoo, conditioner, or wash for your beard and for your hair?

beard wash

The answer is simple. Products formulated for your hair contain ingredients that can just strip the natural oil off your beard and damage it as a result.

To be more specific with the benefits that you get from a purpose-specific product when looking for a beard care product to buy, you may want to consider the following:

1. Top-quality beard washes are formulated with anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-bacterial ingredients. This will help your facial beard looking healthy, great-looking, as well as comfortable after every use.

2. The right beard maintenance product, such as a best beard wash can save you all the trouble that beard itch could create. Beard itch is a usual concern of those who have decided to grow a full beard. Facial hair will itch if it is not provided with the proper amount of hydration. Infections, bacteria, inflammation, and flakes can also cause itchiness.

3. Using the right bead wash can also help eliminate dandruff (aka beardruff) as it is formulated to manage the natural oil content on your beard and the skin under it at the most suitable levels. Many regular shampoos, on the other hand, may just wash away too much oil from your facial hair, leaving your beard and your skin too dry.

4. Most hair shampoos also contain ingredients that can weaken the roots of the beard, which can later cause breakage, falling out, and later on affect the overall health of your facial hair.

Here are some of the ingredients that you need to watch out for when looking for the best beard wash to buy:


Alcohol will dry out the moisture from your hair. If you use an alcohol-based product on your beard, you will soon find out that it will just do more damage than otherwise. (more…)


Spring in Lipsticks

Hello Loves,


I walked into Walgreen’s yesterday and stopped dead in my tracks. These pretty pink tubes caught my eyes. I’m a sucker for pink and pretty packaging. They were the Maybellibe ColorSenational lipsticks.
I couldn’t believe how gorgeous they are. I seriously wanted all of them.
I starting to play around with them. These shades are perfect and right in time for spring.
I settled on three… For now.
Umm…can we say gorgeous!!
I’ve never really been a lipstick kinda girl until a few years ago. Now, I just can’t seem to get enough. I would pretty much keep it safe with pretty neutrals, maybe a red and pop of pink. I always thought my skin tone was too, umm, I don’t know the right word to describe it, but I just didn’t think “outrageous” shades suited me very well.
I grew up where the rules of makeup were, if your eye makeup is heavy or dark, you go very light on the lips and vice versa. The only expection was black eyeliner always goes with red lipstick.
My oh my, how times have changed.
And man it is so much fun. WHO cares about your skin tone/color. Makeup is suppose to be fun, and I like to have fun. I for one know I buy a lot of makeup so why keep it boring and simple?
The Maybelline Colorsenasation collection is just that. Fun.
The purple really caught my eye. Truly stepping out of my comfort zone here.
Here are a few swatches…
lips lips
From top to bottom
•705 is a pretty pink shade, with a hint of nude.
•735 is a blood orange shade, with a hint of red. gorgeous.
•730 is a pretty lavender. This is the one that really caught my eyes and is the one that I decided to be bold and daring this spring.
Which shade did you like? Have you picked up any of the Maybelline Colorsensations?

Louis Vuitton Agenda Mm – My Set Up

Hello Loves,

I’m so excited to share with you lovelies my planner. Here I present my Louis Vuitton Medium Agenda (MM) in the monogram print. I never leave home without her. I use her to keep track of my girls schedule, my husbands work schedule and to keep track of my blog and youtube channel. I don’t need it so much for work because I have a pretty set schedule M-F.


I’ve been a planner/agenda girl since high school. I love planners. I used to use those awesome target planners. They tend to run from $10-$30. From Target I went to the Erin Condren life planners. I absolutely loved her planners.
Now I’m into the Louis Vuitton planners. It’s an investment piece that I will cherish as long as I have her. I have two other agendas. They are the small (PM) size, in the monogram and multicolor noir prints. I can review those for you if you like?
Anyway, let’s go on…
I bought her preloved from the Facebook Louis Vuitton Planner Party group.
•Pens: Fresh and lovely floral watercolor cartoon pen gel pen 10 Set
•Inserts: I have the Dakota print from
•Dashboard & Year at a glance calendar from: TheFabulousPlanner on etsy
•Facebook group: Louis Vuitton Planner Party

•Blog spread is from PapierMyDay on etsy.•Filofax: for the clear pocket & zipper pouch (personal size)


That Hospital Life.

Hello Loves,


Today I uploaded my very first vlog. Ahh!! I’m so anxious and a wee bit nervous. I know I’m rambling…a lot. My apologizes.
In this vlog you kinda sorta work you through my days at work. As you all may or may not know I work in a hospital, in Urology. Due to or privacy laws and HIPAA laws, there is a ton of fun stuff I cannot show you. So I really don’t know how much fun or excited this video will be for you. Although I really hope you enjoy it anyway. Even if just to see my cute face! Haha jk.
Please have a looksie and subscribe to my channel. I’d really appreciate the support.

Saturday’s Glam Session

Hello Dolls,

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was pretty cool. I was most excited about a mini tutorial I do via snappychat. It was my first. If you didn’t catch it I will do more soon. >_<
My snapchat is: missgeeklychic
Anywho, I wanted to share with you all what I did for that. Which was not much considering I didn’t do any eye makeup other than mascara.
Here’s what I used to create a super simple look:
Here’s the run down:
•rimmel london lasting finish 25hr foundation in shade 203 true beige
•rimmel london moisture renew lipstick in  shade 360
•toofaced better than sex mascara &
toofaced sweethearts perfect flush blush
•lorac cosmetics contour pro used shade medium contour
•jaclyn hill for becca cosmetics highlight in champaign pop
•olay facial oil (poured a few drops on my blending sponge and applied all over my face.
•Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz in dark brown
All items purchased at Ulta Beauty.
Hope you liked it.
Any questions, comments or suggestions for future post please leave me a comment down below.

Nyx Cosmetics: Soft Matte Lip Cream

Hello Loves,

I know I have reviewed these lippies before, but I love them so much I purchased more and use them almost daily.
Matte Lip Cream
These are my top six favorite lippies.
1. San Paulo
2. Prague
3. Addis Ababa
4. Ibiza
5. Monte Carlo
6. Copenhagen
Matte Lip Cream
Prague is my top absolute favorite one. I swear I have purchased it four times. I’m actually running low and need to hit up Ulta ASAP. Tehehe. Copenhagen is another favorite and hard to find. It’s the purple one. Perfect for fall.
I do have a medium skin tone with yellow undertones.
Matte Lip Cream
They glide on smoothly and are long lasting. They are matte so they do tend to be a little drying. Be sure to use a lip balm before applying the lip cream.
I purchased mine at Ulta, they usually run about $6. I have seen them at Target also, but their supply is usually lousy. They don’t keep many in stock so they tend to run out quickly.
Have you used any? Which is your favorite?

Hello, March

Hello, Loves!!


March is officially upon us and I for one am super excited. I really don’t know why. I don’t think I have anything particularly awesome planned for March but I’m glad it here.
February had its hits and misses for me.
Here’s a February recap:
1. My husband and I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Here we are in from of the cathedral in front of Jackson Square. Needless to say, we had a blast.
2. The food was endless and devine. We had an order of Bananas foster from Stanley’s. Phenomenal. Pictured is actually half the order. My husband and I split it.
3. While in New Orleans, hit up Louis Vuitton for a souvenir. I purchased the round coin pouch. FYI, it’s being discontinued so get it while you can, tehe.
4. The Hubs and I went to the Gumbo Shop in New Orleans. Yes, the best Gumbo in the French Quarter. Hands down.
5. Took my (big) puppy for a car ride when I got home. We did have a sitter and well let’s just say she was eager to see us, especially my husband.
6. At the hospital I work at, they were offering therapy dogs for the employees to sort of destress. It was a pretty cool experience. But already being a doggy mommy. I knew how dogs help destress you. I got to play with the cutest doggy named Dallas… Shhh, please don’t tell Delta. She’d feel so betrayed.
7. I got my unicorn. Yes, I had been found I purse I’d been eyeing for the past year. I’m so happy with her. She’s perfect. It’s the Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis. If you’d like a full review please leave a comment down below 🙂
8. What can I say…my loves all in one picture.
9. Tarte cosmetics stopped an anti-cyber bullying campaign. It was so awesome to see. Cyber bullying needs to end now. Nothing more cowardly then to bully someone behind a screen.
10. February did not end well for me. I was in the hospital with a severe case of the flu. I mean full on dehydration and ok I will spare you the nasty details, but trust and believe I thought I was dying. I’m so eternally grateful for my awesome Hubsband and my two equally amazing daughters who helped me bounce back. I’m not 100% yet, this darn cough won’t leave me alone but I’m getting there.
That’s a wrap for February folks. Hope you had a great one.
Wishing you an amazing month of March.
Oh,one last thing, for Valentine’s Day, I took the hubby out for a date. We had so much fun, I forgot to get a picture or to post, Facebook check-in, all that jazz. That’s how you know it was awesome, haha.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis – Reveal & Review

Hello Loves,

Today a bring you a reveal & review on the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis.
I am beyond excited for my new handbag. She is perfect. She’s a cross body bag but can be worn on the shoulder or without the strap.
Here is a link to a short video review I did in her…
I will updated this post with photos later today if you like.
Enjoy! Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.
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